Natural remedies are best for prickly heat

In summers prickly heat is very common problem in India. This is know as Ghamori. Mostly kids and people expose to extreme heat are affected by this this condition. This skin condition is mainly due to high release of histamine in skin cells. These are red, and some times cause a burning sensation.

If prickly heat are not managed carefully then they can cause skin infections and creates many other health problems.

In India most of the people uses talcum powder to get relief from prickly heat but talcum powder is only a temporary thing and many people don’t like it including me.

As reason of prickly heat is release of histamine so better thing to do is stop excess production of histamine. Here are simple remedies for prickly heat.

  • Vitamin C is anti-histamine and it should be best way to control prickly heat. For vitamin C you have to eat fresh citrus fruits, drink fresh fruit and vegetable juice. Fresh rose petal and green chilies are great source of vitamin C. So first thing you should do to control prickly heat is start consuming vitamin C rich foods.
  • Bathing is best management of prickly heat for instant relief from prickly heat. If you can pour warm water on the affected skin area then it will also reduce production of histamine but not for the long time.
  • Quercetin is also anti-histamine and apples, onions and tea are great source of histamine. So in summers stat eating red onion.
  • For instant relief you can use aloe vera gel on skin. Aloe vera is also antiseptic so it will prevent your skin from any bacterial infections also.
  • Mint and ice cube are very good to get relief from burning sensation.
  • You can also use boiled Neem leaf water to wash skin or it will better to take neem water bath.
  • Take green henna leaves ground and pour some water over. Apply this paste over the itching skin.
  • Drink lots of water in the summer season.

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