Home remedies for treating ear pain

Ear pain can occur due to infection in ear, boils and cold. Some time ear pain is so horrible that you can not do any thing. There are many natural home remedies to treating ear pain. If you are not getting relief from these remedies then you should visit a doctor.

Here are some natural home remedies to treating ear pain:

  • Heat onion juice and put 2-2 drop in ear.
  • Put 2-2 drop dhatura leaf juice in each ear
  • Put bargad milk in ear
  • Cook 2-3 garlic in til oil on slow flame till garlic gets brown and put 2 drops of this oil in each ear. This is very effective treatment for ear pain
  • Take Genda(Marigold) flower leave and extract juice from them, heat juice(luke warm) and put 2-2 drops in each year. This will treat every kind of ear pain
  • Heat tulasi leaves juice and put 2-2 drops in each year
  • Mix equal quantity of olive oil, anar leaves juice and honey. Put 2-3 drops of this mixture to treat ear pain
  • Mix 25 gm mustard oil in 50 gm lemon juice. Heat this mixture(luke warm) and put 2 drop in each year. This will give you instant relief from ear pain
  • Extract juice from banana bark, heat this juice(luke warm) and put in ear in night. This will cure ear pain.
  • Extract chidchira leaves juice and heat juice(luke warm) and put 3-4 drops in each year.
  • Clean ear with warm water and clean cotton

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