Home remedies for stiff neck

Stiff neck is a common problem. There is nothing to worry about it unless it is caused by neck injury. The reason for stiff neck are many such as wrong posture during sleep, muscle sprain, keeping neck in awkward position while using mobile, neck injury, etc. Pain in neck is also felt while trying to move neck side to side.

Here are few home remedies that help to give relief in neck sprain.

  • Take Poppy seeds and mix with misri in equal amount, grind to make powder. Take this powder(5 gm) with milk.
  • Grind castor seed, mix in milk and Drink.

Neck massage gives relief in neck sprain. The direction of massaging should be up to down with gentle stroke.

  • Mix sea salt or table salt in one spoon mustard oil and apply gently on neck before going to bed. Wrap soft cotton cloth around neck and sleep.
  • Massage neck with almond oil.
  • Mix dry ginger powder, mustard oil and massage gently on neck in up to down direction.
  • Grind nutmeg with water and apply on neck.
  • Mix clove oil and mustard oil. Massage gently on neck.

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