Breast feeding plugged milk ducts natural remedies

A plugged milk duct(thanaili in ayurveda) is a common problem during breastfeeding. Due to this milk blocked in duct(canal carrying milk to nipples). This is very painful and if not taken care this may lead to development of lump in breasts.

There are several reason for developing blocked milk duct like not feeding baby properly or baby is not draining complete milk from breasts. This generally occurs in early weeks after delivery. In most of the cases if you are feeding regularly and properly it will cures by itself(You need to bear the initial days pain).

In ayurveda  there are many natural and effective remedied to treating plugged milk duct:

  • Keep feeding your baby regularly. Initially you will experience pain but pain will getaway after some days and you will start feeling happiness after every feed.
  • Drink adequate amount of water and take liquid diet. This will reduce thickness of milk and will reduce pain.
  • Make paste of marigold leaves and apply on breasts regularly. This will treat this condition.
  • Mix turmeric powder(haldi) in aloe-vera juice. Heat it then let it cool down. Apply this mixture regularly on breasts. This will treat plugged milk duct.
  • Make mustard paste by adding water. Apply this paste on breasts. This will treat all breasts problems
  • Take betel leaves, heat them and do heat compression on breasts. Do it 2-3 time daily for 2-3 days. This will treat plugged milk duct.
  • Avoid spicy foods.

Note: If this problem persist for more than 1-2 weeks and you are still feeling pain then you must visit a doctor.

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