Chirayata Churna Usage Details

Know what are health benefits and medicinal uses of Chirayata Churna in Ayurveda. Learn some remedies of Chirayata Churna to treat your health problems like chronic skin diseases, poisoning, oedema, fevers, chronic fevers, anaemia etc.

Chirayata Churna or Chirayata Powder is pure herb powder. It contains only one ingredient that is Swertia chirata.


Chiraita or Swertia chirata, is used traditionally for purification of vitiated blood, chronic skin diseases, poisoning, chronic fevers, anemia, and oedema. It is also given for cough, intrinsic hemorrhage and affections of the urinary tract. It has anthelmintic, astringent, bitter Tonic, blood purifying, febrifuge, stomachic, antidiarrheal, antispasmodic activities. Chirayata is tonic for the heart, the liver, and eyes. It is useful in toxic blood, enlarged spleen. It is used to treat the liver, catarrh, intestinal spasms, anemia, indigestion, and diabetes.

Chirayta reduces Kapha and Pitta and increases Vata. It should be taken cautiously in the high Vata. Here is given more about this medicine, such as benefits, indication/therapeutic uses, composition, and dosage.

  • Synonyms: Swertia chirata powder, Chireta powder
  • Availability: Online and at medical stores
  • Type of medicine: Classical Medicine
  • Main Indication: Skin diseases, Visham Jvar (fever with increased Pitta, and Kapha, and Aam Dosha)
  • Srotas / Channel: Digestive, respiratory, blood, water
  • Dhatu (tissue): Plasma, blood
  • Dosha Effect: Reduces Pitta, and Kapha, But increases Vata

Ingredients of Chirayata Churna

Only ingredient of this powder is Swertia chirata (also known as Kirata, Kirataka, Bhunimba, Kiratatiktaka).

Know the Ingredient

Swertia chirayita (Roxb. ex Flem.) Karst. is found in Found in the temperate Himalayas at altitudes of

1200-3000 m from Kashmir to Bhutan, and in the Khasi hills; in Meghalaya at 1200-1500 m. Whole plant is used for therapeutic purpose.

It contains two intensely bitter substances—chiratin and ophelic acid, in addition to tannin, wax, a soft resin and sugar. It also contains another bitter substance, amarogetin.

Whole plant is used as a decoction / paste for purification of vitiated blood, purifying breast milk, chronic skin diseases, poisoning, oedema, fevers, chronic fevers, anemia, gouty affections, boils, cough, intrinsic haemorrhage and affections of the urinary tract.

When mixed with Dhaanyaka (Coriandrum sativum) leaves is it, administered for alleviating fever. A paste of the plant and Shunthi (Zingiber officinale) followed by a decoction of Punarnavaa (Boerhavia diffusa) is given for generalised oedema. Its decoction is administered for the liver disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, dyspepsia, anorexia and malaria.

Chirata is bitter Tonic, BUT it does not constipate the bowels. Instead, it tends to produce a regular action and causes a free discharge of bile.

Ayurvedic Properties and Action

Chiretta is bitter in taste (Rasa), pungent after digestion (Vipaka), and is cool in effect (Virya).

  • Rasa (taste): Bitter
  • Guna (quality): Light, dry, flowing
  • Virya (energy): Cooling
  • Vipaka (post-digestive effect): Pungent

It is a Katu Vipak herb. Vipak refers to post-digestive (effect after digestion/cooking of Rasa) effect of tastes after its mixing with digestive juices. It is the long-term effect of the herb.

Katu Viapk herbs, increases dryness in the body. Such foods reduce fertility and Kapha. Intake of this herbs aggravates Vata and gas in the body. Katu vipaak has catabolic effect on the body.


  • Javarhar: Alleviates fever
  • Krimighna: Anthelmintic
  • Kushthahar: Used in skin diseases
  • Raktdoshhar: Cures impurities of the blood
  • Svashhar: Alleviates asthma
  • Trishnashodhana: Relieves thirst

Biomedical Action

  • Alterative: Alter favorably the course of an ailment.
  • Anthelmintic: Expel parasitic worms (helminths) and other internal parasites from the body.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Reducing inflammation by acting on body mechanisms.
  • Antipyretic/antifebrile/febrifuge: Effective against fever.
  • Appetizer: Improves appetite.
  • Bitter tonic: Tonic of bitter taste, acts chiefly by stimulating the appetite and improving digestion.
  • Cholagogue: Promotes the discharge of bile from the system, purging it downward.
  • Cooling: Lower body temperature to relieve pain, swelling and reduces body heat.
  • Depurative: Purifying agent.
  • Expectorant: Promotes the secretion of sputum by the air passages, used to treat coughs.
  • Hepatoprotective: Prevent damage to the liver.

Benefits of Chirayata Churna

  1. It is useful for various types of skin problems such as redness, inflammation, itching, burning, etc.
  2. It detoxifies blood.
  3. It removes toxins from blood and hence benefits in fever.
  4. It helps in intestinal worms.
  5. It is taken as a tonic, stomachic and febrifuge.
  6. It is a laxative and anthelmintic and useful for the skin diseases.
  7. It is used for the liver disorders and in the treatment of cholera.
  8. It gives relief in hyperacidity.
  9. It improves appetite.
  10. It is given in the fever caused by derangement of three Dosha accompanied by sweating and thirst.

Important Therapeutic Uses of Chirayata Churna

  1. Acne, pimple
  2. Asthma
  3. Blood purification
  4. Burning sensation
  5. Constipation
  6. Diseases of the liver, jaundice
  7. Eczema
  8. Fever, Visham Jwar
  9. Impaired digestion
  10. Inflammation
  11. Intestinal parasites
  12. Malaria
  13. Obesity
  14. Skin infections
  15. Various type of the skin diseases caused due to blood impurities

The Dosage of Chirayata Churna

  1. The recommended dosage of medicine is 1 to 3 grams.
  2. It should be taken twice a day, in the morning and evening.
  3. It is to be taken with water.
  4. Or take as directed by a doctor.

Suggestions, Contraindications, Interactions, Side-effects, and Warnings

  1. It is completely safe to take this medicine in recommended doses.
  2. Do not take in pregnancy.
  3. Do not take in the high Vata.
  4. No drug-herb interaction in known.
  5. Effectivity of herbal medicine depends on many factors. A medicine suitable for one person may not essentially give the same result in another person.
  6. The exact dose depends on the age, strength, digestive power of the patient, the nature of the illness, the state of the viscera and humours, and the properties of individual drugs.
  7. Keep away from the sight and reach of children.

Pharmacies Making Chirayata Churna

You can buy this medicine online or from medical stores. Since it is a classical medicine, it is manufactured by many Ayurvedic pharmacies.

Name of some of the Ayurvedic Pharmacies manufacturing this medicine is given below:

  • Vyas Pharmaceuticals Chirayata Churna
  • Nidco Cheraita Swetia Chirata Churna
  • Sahul Chirayata Churna
  • Sadhna Chirayata Churna
  • Goodcare Chirayata Churna
  • and many other Ayurvedic pharmacies.

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