Grow Your Child’s Height Naturally

Learn how to increase the height of children quickly, some exercises, and Yoga to increase height. The height of the children is accompanied by a lot of genetics as well as good food, how you should take care of your child so that his height is fine.

Everybody wants a good height. India has an average height of five and a half feet and women five or more. The height has the effect of genetics, food, environment, etc. Genetics can affect your height by 60-80 percent. You can try to do more or less the rest of the 20 – 40% factors.

Research done around the world shows how lifestyle and catering make a direct difference to the height. If you see yourself, the children of rich people are taller than their parent’s height. In developed countries, this is the reason why people’s average height has been increased.

For example, the average height of the Japanese people has risen by about 5 centimeters or 2 inches in the last 20-30 years. This is because they prevented infection and diseases, provided good quality of food, lifestyle changes in children. The more sick children are, the more their physical development is disrupted. Therefore, good care and the use of medicine for children can reduce their rate of illness. The use of antibiotics in children directly prevents their development for a few months.

Tips, food and other advice for increasing the height of children

Often parents try very hard to increase their child’s height. The height of children increases only to a certain age. The rate of growth among boys is faster for 10-16 years and girls between 8-13 years. When the menstruation starts in girls, the height does not increase because then other developments begin in the body. The sharp change of hormones in boys is seen to change the sound of the voice and increase in height.

The height does not increase after 17 – 18 years. So try from the beginning to gain the height of the children.

Good food and lifestyle can be found to be the right height. In some places, how to increase the height after 18 years. But it is not possible for the maximum people to increase the height after 18 years. In only a few cases, the growth may continue even after 18 years due to medical conditions. It is possible to have late puberty, but there is no scientific way in which you can increase your height even after 18 years.

Read further on what methods parents or adolescents can try, to get the height more. Food and sleep and lifestyle will have to be changed. You also have to take a good diet. There can be no shortcuts way to get a good height. Do not be deceived by medicines or injections. There is no way that will increase your height in a few days.

Factors that affect height:

  • Genetics
  • Food
  • Human Growth Hormone
  • Work out
  • Sleep
  • Oxygen in the body

Out of these factors, you can work on other things except genetics and definitely increase a few inches in length. From the very beginning, proper care and diet of children should be taken care of. Children who sleep better also have more development, it is believed. During bedtime, growth in the body works well. The right food should be selected in the food and children should be kept away from pizza, burgers, and cold drinks.

The most important is calcium to increase height. Good sources of calcium in food are milk, yogurt, eggs, and other dairy products. Calcium is essential for bones. When the bones grow, the height increases. Some people have more leg length, while some have an upward share. When the bones are long, the height comes. Research on the high height of the people of Japan shows that the diet of the people there did include milk. The researchers there raised awareness about how important milk is for good height. According to American and Japanese researchers, about 50 hormones are found in milk, which can be understood to be the effect of its height. The Government of Japan and the private sector have promoted drinking milk very much. It is now available in the vending machine of every school, office, railway station.

Magnesium, chromium, and zinc are also essential along with calcium.

Magnesium is also essential for good sleep. When sleep is good, the body relaxes and growth is fine.

Soybean, soy protein also provides good quality protein for growth to children. If you are a vegetarian, you always have to struggle to find a good source of protein in food. Besides dal, milk protein, soybean can be a source of good protein for children. In fact, the protein from the plants is not well absorbed in the body and hence it should be taken up for a large amount. Soy protein is a protein extracted from soybeans.

It is also important to know about some foods that reduce or do not allow calcium absorption. Softdrinks, cigarettes, alcohol, tea-coffee, more sweets, or more salt, reduces the absorption of calcium. So if you use any of this list, don’t take it.

Drink water in large quantities. It keeps the body’s toxins out. Having enough water in the body keeps the blood thin, easily taking the nutrients to the muscles and bones. It does not even cause constipation and is properly absorbed by nutrients.

Do not allow blood loss. Anemia does not allow growth. Malnutrition also causes iron as well as vitamin B complex and vitamin C deficiency in the body.

Do not allow vitamin D and vitamin A deficiency. Vitamins A and D, are fat-soluble vitamins. It plays an important role in the development of height and development of many systems in the body.

Vitamin D deficiency does not allow absorption of calcium. This vitamin is made by our skin when it goes into the sun. The deficiency weakens the heart and teeth.

Vitamin A helps to maintain healthy skin, teeth, skeletal and tissue, and skin. It is also known as retinol as it produces pigments in the retina of the eyes. Vitamin A promotes good vision, especially in low light. It found most carrots, leafy green vegetables, orange and yellow vegetables, mangoes, watermelon, papaya, apricots, guava, tomato products, fruits, and some vegetable oils.

Take at least eight hours of sleep. Less and late sleep does not allow properly working of growth hormone in the body.

Take the lite food. Heavy food will secrete insulin more and all energy will be digested. Take small meals several times a day.

Do not eat a large number of carbohydrates, rice potatoes. All of this is also necessary to get the energy to work. But only their intake in food, such as three times a day, will fill your stomach, but it will not only save space for other essential foods like proteins, calcium. So eat balanced food that includes carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and water.

Exercises for good height

Exercise in which the body is cured, digestion, no constipation, properly hungry, and sleepy.

Do exercises that stretch ligaments and muscles, such as:

  • Hanging
  • Stretching.
  • Swimming.
  • Jump the rope.

Sports that stretch the body, develop muscles, such as badminton, play tennis.

Do Surya Naskar on Yoga mat several times.

  1. Surya Namaskar Asanas
  2. Bhujangasan
  3. Halasan
  4. Tadasan
  5. You can do the orothan etc.
  6. Do pranayama, direct-inverse, deep breathing, and balanced food.

Overall, you need to pay special attention to diet and lifestyle for good height. A balanced diet, regular intake of milk, pranayama, and exercise can definitely be found to have good health and good height.

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