Homeopathic medicine Ruta graveolens

Ruta graveolens is homepathic remedy prepared from rue, common rue or herb-of-grace, found in Mediterranean region and temperate Asia. It is a deep acting remedy indicated in pain due to overexertion, bone bruise and in rapid healing of injury. The keynote symptom of Ruta are pain in bones; pain in thighs; pain in tendons; pain and stiffness in wrists, hands, feet and aching pain in Achilis tendon.

Symptoms in which Ruta graveolens is useful

  1. Sensitivity to cold, aggravation from cold, damp weather and amelioration from warmth
  2. Complaints often brought on from overstraining/overexertion of the part, such as tendons, eyes
  3. Overstraining of the muscles of the eye from reading fine print, sewing, etc. Eyestrain followed by headache
  4. Burning in eyes, green halo around light, painful eyes, blurred vision from overstrain eyes
  5. Especially a remedy for artists who work with a magnifying glass
  6. Periosteal troubles from injury
  7. Bruise where the flesh is thin over the bone
  8. Lump in the periosteum that has existed for months or years
  9. Hamstrings feel shortened and weak; knees give way going up or down stairs
  10. Pain and lameness in the ankles after sprain or dislocation
  11. Rheumatic remedy, which are aggravated by cold, wet, stormy weather
  12. Legs give out on rising from a chair; the patient totters and makes several efforts on rising from a seat
  13. Rending, tearing pains in the sciatic nerves, comfortable during the day, but aggravated at night
  14. Prolapses of the rectum at stool
  15. Back pain
  16. Nodules in the tendons as a result of the strain
  17. Great remedy for a sprain which may occur due to injury or excessive use
  18. Paralytic weakness in the lower extremities after a sprain of the back
  19. Bruised feeling all over as from a fall or blow, worse in the limbs and joints

Dosage and administration

Ruta 200, two-three times a day for a few weeks is useful in treating tennis elbow, strain affecting tendons, pain of wrist, arm and fingers due to over use, sprain is due to injury,

Ruta 2-3 pills, is given in potency of 6x or 30x, after every 2-3 hours in recurrence of pain in case of emergency care of injuries.

Ruta 6x potency, 5 pills (for adults) or 2 pills (for kids) is useful in treating eye strain due to sewing, reading, computer use, or any such work in which vision is strained.

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