Homeopathic medicine Euphrasia

Euphrasia is short acting/acute homeopathic remedy. It is prepared from juice of the eyebright plant (Euphrasia officinalis). This medicine is indicated in cataract, conjunctivitis, eye diseases especially when there is profuse watering, burning pain, swelling and redness of eyelids, hay fever, cough, cold and flu. Euphrasia or Eyebright is a useful remedy in the treatment of extraordinarily redness of eyes caused due to cold.

The common name of this medicine is Eyebright.

Euphrasia is useful remedy in following symptoms.

  1. Any kind of cold, which attacks the eyes at the outset with excessive watering, burning and redness
  2. Acute catarrhal affections with or without fever
  3. Headaches due to coryza and eye symptoms
  4. Headaches due to dazzling of the eyes from sunlight
  5. Catarrhal headaches with profuse watery discharge from the eyes and nose
  6. Cutting pain in the eyes extending into the head
  7. Sensation of dust, hair, dryness, burning, biting in the eyes
  8. Violent itching of the eyes causing rubbing and winking, with copious lachrymation
  9. General inflammation of all tissues of the eyes
  10. Sore, red, gritty eyes
  11. Cornea ulceration
  12. Acute conjunctivitis
  13. Inflammation of conjunctiva and lids
  14. Margins of the lids red swollen, inflamed and burning
  15. Loss of eyelids, Cataract
  16. Sneezing and fluent coryza
  17. Bland discharge with acrid lachrymation
  18. Coryza which is worse during the night while lying down
  19. Hay fever
  20. German measles

Euphrasia is taken orally in tablet form. Its 30 potency, 5 pills (for adults) or 2-3 pills (for children) can be taken 4 times a day for 3-4 days. Euphrasia tincture is dissolved in water and used topically for eye-washing. For using Euphrasia tincture for eyewash, dilute 5 drops into 100 ml boiled and cooled water (this is not sterile and must not be used undiluted).

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