Health benefits of Cherry fruit

Red cherry fruit of full of healthy nutrients and very good for health. Cherry is known as super fruit because of its bright red color, tangy taste and nutrient. Here are some health benefits of cherry.

There are two verity of cherry used as food are sweet and hot cherry. Skin of cherry contains Antioxidant Polyphenols. Main nutrient of cherry fruits are carbohydrate, vitamin C, B, A, beta carotene, calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, etc.

Reduces heart problems:

Cherry is reach source of minerals like iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc. Beta carotene helps in heart problems. Potassium reduces sodium level in blood to reduce high blood pressure. By regular use of cherry we can control cholesterol level and blood pressure which help in heart disease.

Reliever of Gathia(GOUT ARTHRITIS) pain:

Anthocyanin found in cherry is pain reliever of Gathia. In Gathia body generates uric acid which cause swelling in hands and legs joints and pain. Eating 20 cherry daily reduces swelling of the body.


If you are suffering from amnesia then drink cherry juice daily. Red cherry if rich source of melatonin(Antioxidant) which is very important for sleep.

Bone Strengthen  :

Vitamin C collagen and other nutrient present in cherry fruit is very good for healthy body tissues and it also help in developing strong bones and increase bones density. Cherry is also helpful for healthy teeth.

Good for Eyes:

Cherry is full of Vitamin A, which is important for healthy eyes.

For weight lose:

Cherry has very less fat and 75% water. It is very good source of soluble fiber. It improves body metabolism. Due to fiber presence it reduce cholesterol level which help in weight loss.

For constipation:

Cherry is a rich source of fiber. 10 cherry has 1.4 gm fiber which is 10% of total fiber required in a day. Fiber helps in digestion and keeps away constipation. Cherry act as clinger for kidney and heart.

Memory Booster:

Anthocyanin is healthy for the brain. It improves memory.


50~100 gm cherry consumption daily is ideal. But for medicinal purpose you should eat 250 gm cherry daily.

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