Evion paediatric Drops

Evion drops are emulsion of vitamin E in water and indicated as dietary supplement in children. In the case of premature infants, it is prescribed to cure vitamin E deficiency. In premature and low birth babies, the level of vitamin E is generally low as they have inadequate amount of it stored in adipose tissue. This supplementation is also useful in treating dryness of the skin in infants.

Composition of Evion Drops: Each ml contains Tocopheryl acetate 50 mg

Evion drops: Used for Vitamin E supplementation
Brand name: Merck Limited

The Dosage of Evion Paediatric Drops

  • Infants up to 1 year: 0.25 ml daily
  • Children aged 1-6 years: 0.50 ml daily
  • Children above 6 years: 1.00 ml daily

Side Effects: Side effects with Vitamin E supplementation are extremely rare. Large doses of Vitamin E may cause Diarrhoea, intestinal cramps, angular stomatitis, lethargy, muscle weakness. These effects are known to be reversed after stopping vitamin E administration.

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