Why to soak Almonds before using

Almonds are healthiest food. These are seeds of almond tree and like any other seed to get maximum nutrition from almonds it is always advised to soak it for a night in cold water.

Soaking is beneficial in many ways

  • Soaking makes almonds easy to digest.
  • Due to soaking harmful elements like oxalate get reduced in almond.
  • Overnight soaking activates many enzymes and unlocks various other changes in almonds which enhance its nutritional value.
  • Outer skin of almonds contain phytic acid which can interfere with absorption of minerals in the body. 
  • Soaking helps to reduce phytic acid.

So before consuming almonds always soak it for 8 to 10 hrs in cold water. Then grind it on stone with water and mix with milk and drink. This increases strength, stamina, memory, vision, fertility and cures weakness.

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  1. 1) Whats about the water? Should the water be consumed?
    2) Whats about soaked walnut water? Should it be consumed?

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