Some tips for storing and using medicine

Medicines are very important for our lives as they are used to treat diseases. As medicines are made by using different chemical composition so it is very important to store and use medicines very carefully because these medicines can be damaged and cause reaction to our body. We should be very careful with our medicines.

Here are some tips for handling medicines

Before purchasing

  • Always check manufacturing and expiry date of medicines before purchasing.
  • Check packaging of medicines it should be in good condition, never buy any medicine with broken packaging.
  • If possible check medicines composition, for this ask your doctor to write that in prescription and match it.

How to store medicines?

  • Always read instructions to store medicine on packaging.
  • Always store medicines in cool and dry place and keep them away from sunlight.
  • Never put medicines in bathroom, because moisture and heat can harm them.
  • Always keep medicines in some drawer or in the kitchen self. But make sure it is not near to stove.
  • If possible put them in medicine container box.
  • Never change original container of medicines.
  • While travelling keep medicines in original packaging along with prescription given by a doctor, ask for extra prescription copies if travelling abroad. Keep you medicines in carry bags inside safe box.
  • Always keep your medicines out of reach of children.

Do use medicine in following case

  • Always check expiry date of medicines and throw away expired medicines and never use them.
  • Do no use medicines if they got some moisture and stick together because humidity can cause some chemical reaction.
  • Do not use medicine in cause you see some color and smell changes.
  • Do not use medicines if there conditions are not good.

We should be very careful in storing and using medicines in our daily life because any mistake can cause serious health problems.

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