Relation of sleep And weight gain

Sleep and obesity are related to each other. Good quality sleep is necessary for overall health. Sleeping less or more than eight hours leads to weight gain as it directly affects our daily physical activities and hormones.
If a person is sleeping for less duration then he or she may suffer from obesity as in absence of sleep there is more tendencies to fatigue and eating which leads to more eating and deposition of fat in the body. Also if a person is sleeping for the long duration that means more time spending in bed which may lead to sleep disorders, lack of physical activities and poor sleep quality.
A regular quality sleep is necessary for better weight management.
Less sleep time when a person sleeps less than 6 hours.
Long sleep time when a person sleeps more than 9 hours.
Average sleep duration should be 7 to 8 hours.

So for better weight management

  • Have better sleep quality
  • Consistent sleep and waking timings
  • Sleep for 8 hours

You can improve your sleep quality by regular exercise, maintain appropriate room temperature and use appropriate beds for sleeping.

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