Precautions you should take after hair colouring

Hair colors are chemical compounds hence you should take some precautions while doing hair coloring. It is very important as it can cause allergy and other skin problems. 

If you have decided to go for hair coloring first select the color which suits your personality and once you have color your hair you do not change mind for another color.

It is equally important to select beauty parlour or salon which is has a good reputation, trustworthy  and experienced persons. Do discuss any doubt if you have any skin allergy for chemical use in hair dye. For coloring hair first time it is safe to go for professional salon. Try to avoid hair coloring if you have skin allergy or dandruff.

Precautions to take after colorings your hair

  • Avoid frequent change of hair color because it damages hair  and result in thinning of hair.
  • Use shampoo which is specified for color hair.
  • Deep condition hair once in a month and do condition after every shampoo.
  • Do not apply henna in hair for 4-5 before you go for hair coloring.
  • Do not use dandruff shampoo after coloring as it may discolor hairs.
  • Oil regularly once in a week.
  • Do not use hair dryer.
  • Use good quality hair dye from good brand, check precaution to be taken and use before date.

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