Health benefits of Neti

Neti or nasal irrigation is process of cleansing nasal passage. It can be done with fluid or thread. The fluid used for neti can be water, milk, ghee or oil.
When it is performed using water it is called jala or water  neti.  For doing neti a special desigh pot is used which is called neti-pot. It has a long spout that is inserted in nostril to clean the nose. Jal neti helps to effectively treat cold, phelgm and sinusitis.  It is also beneficial for throat, ears, lungs and mind.
This process is also known as nose wash, nasal irrigation, nasal lavage, nasal douche and water neti.

Ingredients required for jal neti:

  • Water, rock salt, neti-pot

Process of jal neti:

  • Take water (1000 ml) in a vessel and add rock salt (10 gm).
  • Lukewarm this water.
  • Put water in neti-pot.
  • Tilt your head to left and hold neti-pot in right hand.
  • Now put the spout of neti-pot in right nostril and allow water to slowly flow inside nose.
  • Water will start coming out from left nostril.
  • Repeat the process from other nostril.
  • After performing Jal neti always blow out the excess water by blowing nose and dry the nose.
  • Doing anulom vilom and kapalbhati pranayam after neti also helps to dry the nose.

Benefits of Neti

  • Gives relief in cold, cough, coryza and clears phlegm
  • Clears Sinus, nostrils and cures sinusitis
  • Decongest nose for a longer duration
  • Moistens the nasal passage
  • Helpful in respiratory problems
  • Cures nose, eyes and throat problems
  • Cleanses old mucus, dirt, germs, pollutants and allergens

It is important to note that while doing neti always breathe through mouth and not nose. Also in start of neti water can come out from eyes which is normal.

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