Health benefits of dental flossing

As we know that teeth and gum cleaning is very important for healthy teeth but some time we are eating some foods and it stuck in between our teeth. These food are causing bad breath and cavity in teeth and cannot be cleaned just by tooth brushing.

To remove this we can use thread and this process is known as flossing.

Dental flossing helps to clean internal cleaning of tooth and regular flossing helps in reducing teeth cavity, gum problem and bad breath.

Tooth brushing only clean 60-70% and rest 30-40% caused teeth and gum problems. For cleaning your teeth completely regular flossing is required. You can do flossing at any age.

In market you can easily find flossing thread. Use at least 18 inch long flossing thread and move thread in up-down direction for tooth cleaning.

Benefits of flossing:

  • Reduces bad breath which is caused by mouth bacteria.
  • Cleans cavity and flakes.
  • Keeps tooth and gums healthy.

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