Diabetes Foot Symptoms And Care

Details of diabetes foot symptoms and some tips for taking care of diabetes foot. These methods are really very effective.

There are many symptoms that appear in feet that warns about the rising blood sugar level and chances of having  diabetes. Taking notice of these symptom helps to get timely treatment and reduces the damage to other organs. These are some of the symptoms.

Symptoms of Diabetes Foot

  • Reduced sensitivity in legs as diabetes narrows arteries and so the amount of blood reaching in legs also reduced. Due to which less oxygen and nutrient reach in legs and sensitivity of feet reduces.
  • Numbness in feet .
  • Swelling in feet.
  • Changes near nails.
  • Changes in color and shape of feet.
  • Burning sensation in legs especially in night.

Care of foot in  Diabetes

Since the sensitivity of foot decrease in diabetes and also the healing process take longer than normal therefore it become necessary to take special care of it and avoid any cuts and wounds.

  • Always wear thick, neat and clean socks.
  • Shoes should not be tight as it may cause wound.
  • Buy shoes at evening because walking and working during day causes swelling in feet so it is good to buy that size shoes.
  • Cut nail carefully to avoid wounds as due to diabetes healing take more time.
  • Keep feet clean by washing with warm water and dry it.
  • Do not smoke as blood circulation reduces by it.
  • Control blood sugar level by walking and doing exercises.

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