8 Health benefits of Lemon-honey water

Lemon honey water is traditional weight loss home remedy. This a combination offers several health benefits. Regular drinking of honey-lemon water helps to provide daily required dose of vitamin C. This also helps to protect from recurrent cold and flu. It helps to improve digestive system function and better absorption of nutrients in the body.

How to prepare lemon-honey water

  • Lukewarm glass of water, 2 tablespoon lemon, Honey 1 tablespoon
  • Take lukewarm water and dissolve honey in it.
  • Now squeeze a fresh lemon.
  • Drink lukewarm empty stomach every morning.
  • You can drink this regularly for the long duration without any side effect.

Benefits of drinking Lemon-Honey water

  • Antioxidant, antimicrobial and mild laxative
  • Good for the digestive system, cures abdominal gas
  • Increases metabolic rate which leads to better calorie burn
  • Helps to reduce weight
  • Source of vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and potassium
  • Improves body immunity
  • Helps in better calcium absorption
  • Reduces frequent respiratory infections

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