Top 5 Hair Problems & Packs to Cure

Hair are very important in our body and outlook. But if you will not take care of you hairs then they might be dry and start breaking. So it is important that you should make time daily for taking care of your body. Give a special treatment to your hairs in a week. You can make hair pack at home and use them, this will definitely help you.

Here are some methods for making and using hair packs at home.

For dry Hairs

Take one banana and mass it. Add one spoon honey and one spoon lemon juice. Mix all ingredients and make paste and apply on your hair and rub it gently on hair roots. Wash your hair after 1 hour.

If your hair are too dry and add 1/2 spoon urad daal powder and 1/2 spoon curd to paste and then use it.

For breaking hairs

In on bowl take 2 eggs yellow part and 1 egg white part. Add 1/2 spoon lemon juice and some drops of honey. Mix well and apply on your hairs. Wash it after 1/2 hr.

For oily hair

Take white part of one egg and apply on hairs. Don’t add anything to it and leave it to dry. When hairs are dry wash them. Use this twice a week and you will see improving result in months.

For Shiny hair

Fenugreek nourish hairs neutrally and  make them silky and shiny. Soak one seed of Fenugreek in night and when they become soft make paste. Now add half portion curd to this paste and apply on you hair. When this become dry wash it.

For heavy looking hair

Take equal quantity of vinegar and honey  and add half cup warm water to it. Let it cool down. Now apply this to your hair and wait for 3-4 min. Now wash your head with lukewarm water and do shampoo with light hands and do massage of hair roots. After your hair becomes dry they will feel heavy.

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