Effective Cumin seeds home remedies

Cumin is a digestive and essential spice. This is very useful in curing stomach problems. Cumin is hot in nature. It is also helpful in stomach worm and curing fever. Here are some tips for using cumin.

Here are some natural home remedies of cumin seeds

  • Drink 1 glass buttermilk by adding 1 tea spoon roasted cumin seed powder with rock salt. It will improve your digestion.
  • In children’s loose motion, give cumin seed with soft leaves of babool  and pomegranate bud paste. It will very helpful.
  • Boil cumin in water and let cool down. Filter water and wash your face. Your face skin will glow.
  • Make powder of cumin and rock salt. It is helpful in teeth pain and reduce mouth odor.
  • For thyroid, take 1 cup spinach juice and add 1 spoon honey and 1/4 spoon spinach powder. It will help very much.
  • After the liver if you 3-4 times cumin(1 spoon) it will improve health condition and improve baby feeding.

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