Mediker Anti-lice Shampoo

Suffering from lice in hair, know Mediker is one of the best shampoo brand which is very effective on lice. Know how to use this anti-lice shampoo and what are precautions one should take.

Mediker Anti-lice Shampoo is manufactured by Marico Limited. It is a shampoo that is useful in killing hair lice. The active ingredient in Mediker shampoo is Phenothrin. Phenothrin is an insecticide from pyrethroid family that is useful in killing tics, fleas and lice. Phenothrin kills insects on direct contact by acting on their nervous system. This chemical is very less toxic to humans for external use and its absorption through skin is also very poor.

Composition of Mediker

D-Phenothrin EP 0.23% W/V, Triclosan E.P. 0.05% W/V, base q.s.

How to use Mediker

Shampoo hair with one capful of Mediker, Massage scalp for 3 minutes Rinse, Repeat. Comb hairs to remove lice within 30 minutes while the hair is wet. For best results repeat shampooing 2 days later. It should be used for 4 consecutive weeks and should not be discontinued till the course is complete.


The product is toxic if swallowed. Store away from drinking water and food. Keep away from children, pets and aquarium. If it gets into the eyes wash affected area immediately with clean water. The active chemical of Mediker, d-phenothrin is highly toxic to honey bees, fish and aquatic animals.


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