Effective home remedies for hair greying

The natural color of Asiatic origin people is black. As we grow old our hairs start losing black pigment melanin causing hairs to turn grey. But now a days people as young as twelve years can be seen with grey hairs. If hairs turn grey before age of 35 then this is called premature hair greying.
Here are few home remedies to prevent and manage greying of hairs. These are easy to do and are without any side effect.

Remedies for preventing hair greying

  • Prepare amla oil at home and use this for massaging hair roots. For preparing this powder boil amla pieces or its powder in coconut oil till amla turns black. Its regular application in hairs helps to cure hair greying.
  • Mix coconut oil and lemon juice, lukewarm it and apply in hairs.
  • Take curry leaves and cook in coconut oil till leaves turn black. Apply this oil regularly in hairs.
  • There are various Ayurvedic taila or oils are available in market such as Bringraj oil,   Neelibringadi Tailam, Brahmi Amla taila, which you can use for hair care.

Include Amla(Gooseberry) in daily diet. You can take this in the form of chutney or juice. Amla is excellent food for hair health as overall health.
Have healthy diet, adequate water and sleep.

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