Bhringaraj Churna For Hair Problems

Bhringaraj Churna is a herbal Ayurvedic powder of medicinal herb Eclipta alba. Eclipta alba (also known as bhangra, Kesharaja) is annual herb from family Asteraceae and useful in promoting hair growth and color. This medicinal herb has the liver protecting activities. This is tonic and diuretic and useful in the liver and spleen enlargement.

Bhringraja is described as Rasayana in Ayurveda. Rasayan means rejuvenative tonic that nourishes all dhatus and builds ojas. It gives strength to the body and is good for the skin. eyes, hairs and teeth. It alleviates Kapha/mucous, Pitta/bile dosha and detoxifies the body. There are many Ayurvedic medicine which contain it as an ingredients. Few of them are Bhringrajasava, Neelibhringadi taila, Bhringraja taila, Bhringamalkadi taila, etc.

Ingredients of Bhringaraj Churna

Bhringaraj or Eclipta alba

Uses of Bhringaraj Churna

  • Rasayana and general tonic
  • Improves hair growth
  • Prevents hair fall, baldness
  • Cures premature hair greying
  • Good for the skin. digestive system, the liver, spleen
  • Helpful in skin allergies

The Dosage of Bhringaraj Churna

1/2 – 1 teaspoonful thrice a day with water

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