Bhringaraj Capsules For hair Problems

Bhringaraj Capsules is a herbal preparation from medicinal herb Bhringraja (Eclipta alba). Bhringraja is also known as Bhangra or false daisy. It has hepatoprotective activities. It helps to purify blood and thus helps in curing skin problems. It is also excellent for improving hair growth and preventing baldness and greying. In Ayurveda Eclipta alba is considered Rasayana and tonic for improving overall health.

Ingredients of Bhringaraj Capsules

Bhringaraj or Eclipta alba

Uses of Bhringaraj Capsules

  • Good for preventing premature hair fall and greying
  • Improves hair growth and thickness
  • Purifies blood and removes body toxins
  • Helps to cure skin problems such as allergies, pimples and eczema
  • Good for the liver and spleen

The Dosage of Bhringaraj Capsules

1 capsule twice a day, after meals with water

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