Benefits of Coconut oil for hair

Learn how to use coconut oil for hair care. Know it's benefits for long and shining hair.

Coconut oil is used traditionally for hair care. The structure of coconut oil makes it excellent hair protective.

It is triglyceride of lauric acid which repels water and does not allow water to get inside hair cuticle. Also it is a vegetable oil with ability to get absorbed in hair protein.

So when applied generously on hairs before washing it provides protection from inside and as coating from outside. The overall result is less damaged shining hairs.

Benefits of using coconut oil on hair

  • Coconut oil prevents abrasive damage to hair which might occur during combing.
    Coconut oil reduces protein loss from hair.
  • Massaging with coconut oil cure dryness of scalp, improves blood circulation and stimulates hair growth.
  • Regular use of coconut oil gives soft, long, beautiful and damage free shining hair.
    Coconut oil is good for any type of hair. It moisturises, condition hair and acts as sunscreen.

How to use coconut oil

  • Take lukewarm coconut oil and massage scalp with it. Apply generously on roots and hair strands at night.
  • Next morning wash hairs. It works as hair conditioner, prevents dryness of scalp and dandruff.
  • You may also apply small amount of coconut oil in damp hairs post wash. Keep for a few minutes and then wash off.

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