Newspaper headlines

Short words save space, and so they are very common in newspaper headlines. some of short words in headlines are unusual in ordinary language, and some are used in special sense.

The following is a list of common headline vocabulary.

act : 

take action; do something

aid :

military or financial help

allege :

make an accusation

appear :

appear in court accused of a crime

axe :

abolish, close down; abolition , closure

bar :

refuse/refusal to allow entry



blast :

explosion; criticize violently

blaze :


blow :

bad news; discouragement ;unfortunate happening

bolster :

give support/encouragement to

bond :

political/business association

boom :

big increase; prosperous period

brink :

edge(of disaster)

call :

demand appeal (for)

charge :

accusation ( by police)

chop :

abolition, closure

clamp down on :

deal firmly with (usually something illegal)

clear :

find innocent

crackdown :

firm application of law

crash :

financial failure

curb :

restrict; restriction


usually financial

dash :

quick journey

dole :

unemployment pay

drive :

united effort

drop :

give up; get rid of; fall

due :

expected to arrive

edge :

move gradually

face :

be threatened by

feud :

long lasting quarrel; dispute

firm :

determined not to change

flak :

heavy criticism

flare :

being violently

foil :

prevent somebody from succeeding

freeze :

keeping price at their present level


censor(ship), prevent(ion) from speaking

go :

resign; be lost, disappear

go for :

be sold for

grab :

take violently

hail :

welcome, praise

haul :

amount stolen in robbery, or seized by police or customs

hit :

affect badly

hit out at :

attack( with words)

hitch :

problem that cause delay

hold :

arrest; keep under arrest

in (the) red :

in dept; making financial loss

landslide :

victory by large majority in election

lash :

criticize violently

leak :

unofficial publication of secret information

leap :

big increase

nail :

force somebody to admit the truth

net :

win , capture

odds :

chance, probability

opt :


oust :

drive out, replace


about, on the subject of

pact :


peak :

high point

peril :


pit :

coal mine

plea :

call for help

pledge :



ask for, encourage

rampage :


rap :


riddle :


rift :

division, disagreement

rock :

shock, shake

row :

noisy disagreement, quarrel

rule out :

reject the possibility of

saga :

long running news story

scare :

alarming rumour

set to :

ready to, about to

shed :

get rid of

slam :

criticize violently

slate :


slay :


soar :

rise dramatically

spark :

cause to start

spree :

wild spending expedition

storm :

angry public disagreement

stun :

surprise, shock

surge :

sudden increase

toll :

number killed

urge :




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