English words of Sanskrit origin

Sanskrit is scientific and systematic language and it is member of Indo-European language family. Hindi,  which is official language of India is also descended from it. There are innumerable words in English which are borrowed from this ancient language. Some of the very common Sanskrit originated words are listed below. these words are so nicely intermingled with English words that we hardly notice there Sanskrit origin.

Aarya People from central asia, noble, royal,  master” (aryan)
Afghanistan From the sanskrit tribal nameasvaka meaning “horseman”, as the country was noted for its fine breed of horses
Ahimsa From sanskrit ahimsa, which means “not-harmful< /p>
Ambarella From sanskrit:  a kind of tree
Aniline From sanskrit  nili.
Atoll From sanskrit  antala
Avatar From sanskrit  avataara, which means “descent”,
Buddha From sanskrit  buddha, which means “awakened, enligtened”
cash From sanskrit karsha , a weight of gold or silver.
Candy From sanskrit  khanda “piece of sugar”
Cashmere From kashmir, the himalayan region where this wool is from. the name kashmere is derived from ka (“water”) and shimir (“to desiccate”).
Cheetah From sanskrit chitraka, which means “speckled”
China From sanskrit chinas
Chit From sanskrit  chitra-s “uniquely marked”.
Crimson From sanskrit  krmi-ja literally: “red dye produced by a worm.”
Deodar From sanskrit  devadaru, a kind of tree
diva  from sanskrit deva which means “a god”
ginger From sanskrit srngaveram , which means “body of a horn”
gurkha From sanskrit goraksah , “a cowherd”.
Jackal From sanskrit  srgalah “the howler”.
jaggery From sanskrit sarkaran
Jungle From sanskrit  jangala-s, which means “arid
Lac From sanskrit laksha
Lilac From sanskrit nila, which means “dark blue”.
Loot From sanskrit  lota-m or  luhati meaning “he steals”
Mahout From sanskrit mahamatrah
Meerkat From sanskrit  markata meaning “an ape
Orange From sanskrit naranga-s meaning “an orange tree”.
opal From sanskrit upalah
pukka From sanskrit pakva
punch  from sanskrit panchan-s . A mixed drink.
rice From sanskrit vrihi-s  “rice”
rupee From sanskrit rupyakam , an indian silver coin
Saccharo From sanskrit sarkara
sandal From sanskrit candanam
Shampoo From sanskrit capayati, which means “kneads”
sikh Through hindi sikh  “a disciple”, ultimately from sanskrit siksati  which means “studies”
Singapore From sanskrit simhapuram, literally “the lion city”.
Sri lanka From sanskrit: which means “venerable island.”


From sanskrit sharkara which means “ground or candied sugar” (originally “grit” or “gravel”.
sulfur From sanskrit sulvari
thug From sanskrit sthaga, which means “a scoundrel”
yeti yathih, which means “great sage, holyman” (this might have come to use as one might have mistaken a sage for the real yeti)

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