Medicinal Uses of Nagkesar/Mesua

naagkeshr medicinal uses

Various parts of Mesua tree are used for treating variety of ailments. Its flowers has astringent/constricts tissues, anti-inflammatory and digestion improving properties. The flowers are beneficial in cough, bleeding piles and in abnormal bleeding from the womb.


Saffron Information, Uses and Side-effects

Keshar medicinal uses

Saffron is used as condiment and colouring ingredient in several dishes. It is also used as a medicinal herb in fevers, enlargement of the liver, cough and asthma, anaemia, seminal debility rheumatism and neuralgia. Saffron is nervine tonic, sedative, antispasmodic expectorant, stomachic, diaphoretic and emmenagogue. In low doses Saffron stimulates gastric secretion and thus improves digestion.


Medicinal Plant Sudarshan (Wide-leaved Crinum)

Sudarshan(Crinum latifolium) is a medicinal herb that is used from time immemorial. The leaves of plant are non-toxic and has anti-inflammatory (swelling reducing), analgesic (pain relieving), antitumor, immune stimulating, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal effects, uterine fibroids, detoxification and tissue regeneration activities.


Medicinal Uses of Garlic

Learn about Garlic botanical description, medicinal properties, medicinal uses in Ayurveda, Garlic for treating Hair loss, Garlic Uses for Cardiac Health. Most important is that it removes toxins, revitalise the blood, stimulate blood circulation, improves digestion, removes mucous, and is good for healthy heart.


Curcuma Amada (Mango Ginger) Great Medicinal Plant

amahaldi medicinal plant

Mango-ginger is known as Amra Haridra or Karpura Haridra, in Ayurveda. It is used as spice and also for pickling. Similar to other members of genus curcuma, it has also many therapeutic properties and is especially useful in digestive complaints. Its use gives relief in abdominal gas. It promotes appetite and improves digestive strength.