Curcuma Amada (Mango Ginger) Great Medicinal Plant

Mango-ginger looks exactly like common ginger but it has flavour of raw mango. It is the rhizome of plant Curcuma amada and belongs to family Zingiberaceae, genus Curcuma. In Genus Curcuma, there are more than eighty species of rhizomatous herbs. Indian Arrowroot (starch used), Wild turmeric, turmeric, Karchura are some of the medicinal plants belonging to genus curcuma.

amahaldi medicinal plant

By vicharam (Own work)[Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

In India, Mango-ginger is mainly cultivated in Gujarat, wild in parts of West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Vernacular name

  • Sanskrit: Amradrakam, Amragandha-haridra, Karpura Haridra
  • Bengali: Aamaa Aadaa
  • English: Mango-ginger
  • Gujrati: Aambaa haldhar
  • Hindi: Aamaa-haldi, Amiyaa haldi
  • Kannada: Ambarasini, Huli Arsin
  • Malayalam: Mangayinji
  • Marathi: Aambe halad, Ambaa halad
  • Punjabi: Ambiya haladi
  • Tamil: Mankayyinji
  • Telugu: Mamidi Allamu
  • Unani: Aamba Haldi, Daarchob

Constituent of Mango-ginger

Curcumin, Volatile oil (?-pinene, ?-camphor), ?-curcumene, 1-? curcumene, phytosterolphytosterol. Essential oil exhibits antimicrobial, antifungal and anthelmintic activity.

Ayurvedic Properties and Action on body

In Ayurveda, Mango-ginger is used in treatment of skin itching, wounds, cough, respiratory illness, hiccups, fever, inflammations, ear pain and in vitiation of all tri-dosha.

Rasa (Taste): Tikta/Bitter, Madhura/Sweet

Guna (Characteristics): Laghu/Light

Virya (Potency): Sheet/ Cool

Vipaka (Post Digestive Effect): Katu/Pungent

Action: Improves digestion and appetite, Kapha-har, Pitta-har, increase virility;aphrodisiac

Medicinal uses of Mango-ginger/Aamba Haldi/Mangaiinji

Mango-ginger is known as Amra Haridra or Karpura Haridra, in Ayurveda. It is used as spice and also for pickling. Similar to other members of genus curcuma, it has also many therapeutic properties and is especially useful in digestive complaints. Its use gives relief in abdominal gas. It promotes appetite and improves digestive strength.

Similar to ginger it is expectorant and gives relief in cold and cough. Its use is also recommended in liver inflammation, joint pain, rheumatism and inflammation due to injuries. The rhizomes are made into paste and applied on sprains, bruise, and skin diseases.

In arthritis, Mango-ginger is used along with Moringa (Moringa oleifera). For this purpose, 200g bark of Moringa is ground and boiled with water. Due to evaporation of water a paste is prepared which is collected and mixed with 100g Mango-ginger and 100g Maricha powder/ black pepper powder. This paste is applied on the joints.

In scientific study, mango ginger exhibits decrease in liver total lipids and serum triglycerides.

For medicinal purpose, the dried rhizomes powder should be taken in dose of 3-5 grams or 10-20 ml of fresh juice.

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