Uses of Chaulmoogra Oil

Chalmoogra Oil has strong bactericidal properties against bacteria of leprosy and tuberculosis due to presence of unsaturated fatty acids. In Ayurveda, it has been used for hundreds of year to treat skin diseases, TB, gout and leprosy. Here is given few important Ayurvedic medicinal uses of Chaulmoogra Oil.


Mulberry Tree Amazing Health Benefits

Shahtoo tree

Mulberry tree is a medicinal plant. It is used therapeutically in many countries such as India, Japan, China etc. Generally for medicinal purpose White Mulberry/Morus alba is used. In India, Decoction of tree bark is given for lowering blood sugar and leaf decoction is used as diuretic/ stimulates production of urine.


Jasmine Medicinal Uses

jasmin flower

For medicinal purpose various parts of plant such as leaves and flowers are used. The plant parts exhibit astringent/constricts tissues, acrid, thermogenic/ heat generating, aphrodisiac, antiseptic, pain relieving, purifying, increase flow of blood in pelvic region, emollient, urine stimulating, ant-parasitic, deobstruant, teeth-cleaning, pus-discharging and tonic properties.


Medicinal uses of Ankol (Alangium salvifolium)


In Ayurveda, Ankol is the single medicinal herb that is used in treatment of rabies. For this purpose the root bark is used both externally and internally. It is also used in treatment of snake bite. Ankol tree is also used for treatment of diarrhoea, abdominal pain, ascites, skin diseases and fever.