Triphala Mandur Details

Triphala mandur is herbomineral ayurvedic preparation contain triphala and mandur (iron rust). This medicine contains Mandur bhasma which is prepared by purification and calcination of rust. It is soft on stomach and gets easily absorbed in body. The combination of herbs and iron make it beneficial in treating various digestion related problems.

Ingredients of Triphala Mandur

Triphala, Mandur bhasma, Cow urine

Uses of Triphala Mandur

  • Amlapitta or Hyperacidity
  • Abdominal pain, gas
  • Indigestion
  • Loss of appetite
  • Anaemia

Dosage of Triphala Mandur

250 -500 mg twice or thrice a day with desi ghee and honey.
This medicine is also known as Triphaladi Mandura, Triphala Mandoor, Triphala Manduram.

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