Swas kas Chintamani Ras

Swas-kas/Shwas-Kas Chintamani Ras is herbo-mineral Ayurvedic medicine. This medicine is a Rasayana that gives strength to heart and improves stamina. It has good effect on lungs. It is useful in acute and chronic respiratory diseases. Swas kas Chintamani Ras corrects functions of intestine, the liver, urinary bladder and heart. This medicine is especially useful in curing respiratory diseases.

Ingredients of Swaskas Chintamani Ras

Shudh (purified) Parad 1 Tola, Shudh Gandhak 2 Tola, Loh Bhasma 4 Tola, Abrakh Bhasma 2 Tola, SwarnMakshik Bhasma 1 Tola, Moti Bhasma 3 Masha, Swarn Bhasma 1 Tola; Bhavana-Dravya Kantakari Swaras, Adrakh Swaras, Aja Dugdh, mulheti kwath, Pan ka ras

Uses of Swaskas Chintamani Ras

  • Whooping cough
  • Jaundice, anemia
  • Weak digestion
  • Chronic and allergic respiratory diseases
  • Bronchitis, rhinitis, asthma

The Dosage of Swaskas Chintamani Ras

1 tablet twice a day or as directed by a physician.

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