Suranavaleha Benefits, Ingredients, Dosage

Suranavaleha is a multi-herbal Ayurvedic medicine. Suranavaleha is prepared from 12 medicinal herbs. The main ingredient of this medicine is Suran or Amorphophallus campanulatus. Suran is known as Elephant-foot Yam (English), Zamikand and Chenaikkizhangu (Siddha).

Here is given more about Suranavaleha such as indication/therapeutic uses, Key Ingredients and dosage.

Key Ingredients of Suranavaleha

Suran 4.8 kg;water for decoction 9.6 liters;Gau ghrita 384 g;Khand 4.8 kg;96 g each: Pippali, Sonth, Jivaka;24 g each Dhaniya, Tejpatra, Ela, Kali Mirch/Maricha, Twak;192 g honey

Uses of Suranavaleha

Suranavaleha is indicated in Mandagni. Mandagni means weak digestive fire or Impaired digestion. This medicine is also given for Obstructed movement of Vata and Arsha (Haemorrhoids).

The Dosage of Suranavaleha

The recommended dosage of Suranavaleha is 6-12 grams, twice a day. Or take as directed by a physician.

Take Suranavaleha is water or milk.

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