Shukral (Sperm Increasing) Herbs of Ayurveda

Detailed list of Ayurvedic medicinal herbs which are effective in increasing sperm count. Learn how to use them.

In Ayurveda, the word Dhatu signifies body tissues. They develop in the body, retained by the body and get rejuvenated or replenished. Dhatus make body and are responsible for strength, integrity and functions. Dhatus are retained inside the body and unnatural loss of them causes poor health.

Ayurveda defines 7 dhatus that constitutes our body. These 7 dhatus are:

Sr.NoDhatusTissue LayerPurposeGoverning DoshaSigns & Symptoms of Vitiation
1RasaNutritionalFluid plasmaKapha (water)restlessness, palpitation, cardiac pain, exhaustion without cause, irritated by loud noises
2RaktaBloodLife forcePitta (fire)roughness, dryness, skin cracks, loss of luster
3MamsaMuscleCover bonesKapha (water)emaciation (especially of buttocks, neck, and abdomen)
4MedasFat, adipose tissueLubricationKapha (water)cracking joints, eye lassitude, overly thin, exhaustion
5AsthiBoneHelp to stand-walkVayu (air)falling hair, nails, teeth, loose joints
6MajjaNerves-fluid/marrowNerve tissue nourishmentKapha (water)thinness, weakness, bone lightness, Vayu bone diseases
7ShukraReproductive tissues, Semen and OvumReproductionKapha (water)weakness, dry mouth, pallor, lassitude, exertion, impotence, non-ejaculation of semen

The seventh dhatu, Shukra corresponds to reproductive tissue of semen in male and ovum in female. Shukra means essence, pure and radiant. It is semi-solid fluid found lying inside the reproductive system of both gender. It is the most refined dhatu from which new life is born. Shukra is the essence of all of the other dhatus (tissues) of the body. It is stable and not get digested into any other form. The Shukra generally applies to sperm, but can also apply to the entire makeup of semen.

Shukral herbs

Shukrala herbs are those herbs which helps in building of Shukra Dhatu or Semen. They enhance spermatogenesis and increase sperm count. They builds muscles and give nourishment to the body. They are anabolic and increase weight. Such herbs are Vajikarak also and therefore the terms, Vajikark and Shukral, are used interchangeably. Shukral herbs are a nourishing, heavy and sweet.

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera Dunal.)

  1. It is excellent rejuvenator, a general health tonic and a cure for a number of health complaints.
  2. It nervine Tonic, alterative, aphrodisiac, deobstruent (having the property of removing obstruction in any system of the human body) and a sedative.
  3. It enhances spermatogenesis via a presumed testosterone-like effect.
  4. It gives the power and (sexual) strength of horse to a man.
  5. It stimulates sexual impulses and increases sperm counts.
  6. It cures premature ejaculation, azoospermia, infertility, and sexual weakness.
  7. It increases energy.
  8. It reduces stress.
  9. It calms nerves.
  10. It increases blood flow.
  11. It helps in building of muscles.
  12. It helps in all sexual problems.

Bala / Bariar (Sida cordifolia Linn.)

  1. It gives Bala (Bal/bala=Strength, Vitality).
  2. It is best nervine tonic and rejuvenative for all kinds of Vata disorders.
  3. It is sweet and cooling.
  4. It works on All Dhatus.
  5. It relieves inflammation of nerve tissues.
  6. It gives relief in exhaustion and chronic fatigue.
  7. It tones reproductive organs of both male and female.
  8. It strengthens all Dhatus.

Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris Linn.)

  1. It is useful in the treatment of different ailments of male reproductive system.
  2. It causes 50 percent increase in the testosterone levels and improved reproductive function.
  3. It is a cooling in effect, having diuretic, tonic and aphrodisiac.
  4. It improves muscle building, stamina and endurance.
  5. It has simulative effect on the sexual system.
  6. It increases libido and fertility.
  7. It makes strong and healthy.
  8. It is the main herb for impotence caused by low or poor sperm count.

Kapikacchu (Mucuna Pruriens Bak.)

  1. It increase sperm concentration and motility.
  2. It is aphrodisiac and a nervine tonic.
  3. It increases sexual function, performance, libido and potency.
  4. It increases weight of sexual organs significantly.
  5. With Gokhru, it treats spermatorrhoea.
  6. It increases sexual vigour.
  7. It increases potency in men.

Salap Mishri (Orachis Mascula)

  1. It treats sexual problems of both male and female.
  2. It increases libido.
  3. It treats premature ejaculation, Low sperm count and erectile dysfunction.
  4. It increases sperm count.

Safed Musli (Chlorophytum borivillianum)

  1. It is nutritive tonic.
  2. It is aphrodisiac.
  3. It is rejuvenator, antioxidant and Immunomodulator.
  4. It is mainly identified as Herbal Viagra.
  5. It has demulcent, diuretic properties and used in impotence, urinary and venereal diseases.

Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus Willd.)

  1. It is main herb for women reproductive system problems. But it is also a male remedy for increasing sperm count.
  2. It enhance fertility by reducing oxidative stress.
  3. It considerably improve the number and motility of the sperms. It helps in proper maturation of sperms.
  4. It should be taken by patients with oligospermia, necrospermia and with less motile, unhealthy sperms.
  5. It calms the nerves.
  6. It reduces acidity and inflammation.


  1. It is not an herb but made up of decomposed centuries-old plants and rocks under pressure.
  2. It is an adaptogen and a major Ayurvedic rejuvenation tonic.
  3. It slows aging and degeneration.
  4. It improves fertility.
  5. It tones sexual organs.
  6. It is sexual stimulant.
  7. Its intake gives physical, mental and sexual power.

Vidari kanda (Ipomoea digitata)

  1. It is tonic, rejuvenative, alterative and aphrodisiac.
  2. It cures debility.
  3. It is recommended in BPH (Benign Prostatic hypertrophy).
  4. It is cooling.
  5. It tones muscles.
  6. It increases sperm count.

Shukral (Virya Improving) Ayurvedic Medicines

  1. Ashwagandha Churna
  2. Ashwagandhadi Lehyam
  3. Ashwagandha Ghrita
  4. Asgandha pak
  5. Ashwagandharishta
  6. Abhrak Bhasma
  7. Badam Pak
  8. Chandraprabha Vati
  9. Dhatupaushtik Churna
  10. Dasamularistam
  11. Draksharishta
  12. Kalyanaka Ghrita
  13. Shilajeet Rasayan
  14. Sukumara Ghrita
  15. Swarna Bhasma
  16. Shatavaryadi Churna
  17. Musli Pak
  18. Kevanch Beej Churna

For formation of Shukra Dhatu, the primary element that must be consumed is water. Foods which are Rasayana, Vajikarak and Shukral improves Shukra Dhatu and Ojas.

Unctuous (slimy) food, urad dal, Mulethi, Shilajeet, milk, meat juice, ghee, nuts, sweet tasting foods, all are Shukral and improve Shukra in the body. Such food increases Kapha and Ama inside the body and this is balanced by their combination with purifying herbs such as Cloves, Shunthi, Black pepper and long pepper.

Food which are Ruksha (drying) or Vata vitiating can dry the Shukra Dhatu. Hence such foods should not be taken in excess.

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