Divya Shivlingi Beej

Divya Shivlingi Beej is a herbal Ayurvedic medicine containing single ingredients viz. the seeds of the plant Bryonopsis laciniosa which are commonly referred as Shivlingi. Shivlingi seeds are used all over India for promoting fertility and to treat gynecological disorders. It is folk medicine to get healthy child.

Though not much about Shivlingi use is available in literature but the tribal Communities of Nilagiri, Chhattisgarh and Southern India use Shivlingi seeds for promoting fertility and to treat sexual inadequacies. It is also given in case of sterility due to blocked tubes in women.

Here is given more about this medicine, such as benefits, indication/therapeutic uses, composition, and dosage.

  • Synonyms: Shivalingi Seeds
  • Availability: Online and at medical stores
  • Type of medicine: Ayurvedic
  • Main Indication: Female Infertility
  • Suitable for: Women
  • Price MRP: The MRP is Rs 50.00 for 100 grams.

Ingredients of Divya Shivlingi Beej

Shivlingi Beej Packet contain only one ingredient, the seeds of Bryonopsis laciniosa (Syn. Diplocyclos palmatus) plant.

Shivlingi / Gargumaru (onia laciniosa) is a medicinal herb which is used to treat female infertility. This herb is also used for the liver, respiratory, digestive system, rheumatic and metabolic disorders and infectious diseases. Shivlingi promotes spermatogenesis in males and given to improve sperm quality in men.

The seeds are anti-inflammatory, spasmolytic and used for vaginal dysfunctions, as a fertility promoting drug and also used in venereal diseases.

It is believed that seeds may be containing some hormone like substance or substances that may help in the secretion of hormones in the human system or may be possessing substance which may be having strengthening effect on uterine muscle.

Yog guru Swami Ramdevji advises women to take Shivlingi beej and Putrajevak beej to cure infertility.

Benefits of Divya Shivlingi Beej

  1. It is a natural and herbal way to improve chances of pregnancy.
  2. It can be taken along with other medicines.
  3. It helps to balance hormones.
  4. It stops abnormal bleeding from uterus.
  5. It prevents excessive bleeding during periods.
  6. It is a tonic medicine and gives nourishment to female reproductive organs.
  7. It is a traditionally used in infertility due to blocked tubes.

Important Therapeutic Uses of Divya Shivlingi Beej

  1. Female infertility / Barrenness (Failure to achieve conception after having normal coitus regularly for at least one year, without any protection)
  2. Improving chances of conception or pregnancy
  3. Preventing threated abortion
  4. Pregnancy problems
  5. Common problems in periods
  6. As a tonic for female reproductive system

The Dosage of Divya Shivlingi Beej

  1. The 5-10 Shivlingi seeds are taken and crushed. This is given with milk, to promote the conception. Or
  2. After the periods, 6-9 seeds are given to the woman for 5 days. Or
  3. Ground the seeds of Shivlingi and Putrajivak to make powder. Take 1 gram powder of Shivlingi beej + 1 gram powder of Putrajivak giri with milk of mulching cow having a calf daily early morning before eating anything. Also take 1 spoon Phala Ghrita. Or
  4. Grind Shivlingi beej to make a fine powder and take this powder (1 gm) an hour before the meals twice a day with cow milk.
  5. This medicine should be taken in recommended dose only. Avoid larger doses.

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