Rasamanikya Benefits, Ingredients, Dosage

Rasamanikya is an Ayurvedic medicine useful in treating various diseases due to vitiation of vata and kapha. It is useful formulation in treating skin diseases, cough, and respiratory diseases. The name of medicine is misnomer as it does not contain Rasa or Manikya. Due to color resemblance with ruby, this medicine is named so.

Rasamanikya is prepared by heating powder of Shuddha Haratala placed in between Abharaka Patra (mica sheets). Haratala is Orpiment, which is a deep orange-yellow color sulphide of arsenic, with formula As2S3. Haratal is found in volcanic fumaroles, low temperature hydrothermal veins, and hot springs. It is used in medicine preparation after proper purification.

Here is given more about this medicine, such as indication/therapeutic uses, Key Ingredients and dosage.

Key Ingredients of Rasamanikya

Shuddha Haratala or Orpiment, Mica sheets

Uses of Rasamanikya

  • Skin ailments, leucoderma/vitiligo
  • Vatarakta (Gout)
  • Jwara (Fevers)
  • Kasa (Cough)
  • Shwasa (Dyspnoea), Bronchial Asthma
  • Arshas (Piles)
  • Bhagandara (Fissures)
  • Nadi Vrana (Chronic wounds)
  • Phirana Roga (Syphillis)

Benefits of Ras Manikya

  1. It balances excessive Vata and Kapha inside the body.
  2. It gives relief in the fever due to vitiation of Vata and Kapha.
  3. It is effective in difficult breathing, asthma, and excessive phlegm.
  4. It is indicated in the treatment of several chronic skin diseases such as leprosy, difficult to heal wounds, pus filled boils, excessive dryness of the skin, rashes, eczema, leukoderma, etc.
  5. It reduces Vata inside the body and gives relief in Amavata, Vatarakt / Gout and other nervous system disorders.
  6. You can buy this medicine online or from medical stores.

The Dosage of Rasamanikya

60 mg to 120 mg twice a day or as directed by a physician.

This medicine is manufactured by Baidyanath (Ras Manikya), Dabur (Ras Manikya), Patanjali Divya Pharmacy (Divya Ras Manikya), Rasashram (Rasa Manikya), Shri Dhootapapeshwar Limited (Rasamanikya) and many other Ayurvedic pharmacies.

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  1. It will help from intestinal fungal like Candida?

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