Pranda gutika for piles

Pranda gutika is polyherbal Ayurvedic medicine. It is gutika or tablet and is indicated in the treatment of piles or hemorrhoids and certain other diseases. This medicine is also good for improving digestive problems and constipation.

Pranda Gutika is an excellent medicine for treating both dry and bleeding piles. The regular intake of this medicine cures the bleeding problem in piles. This medicine is also given in respiratory and digestive disorders.

Here is given more about this medicine such as composition, uses, dosage and the name of pharmacies making this medicine.

Ingredients of Pranda gutika

  • Sonth Zingiber officinalis 144 g
  • Kali Mirch/Black pepper Piper nigrum 192 g
  • Pippali Long pepper Piper longum 96 g
  • Chavya/Java Long Pepper Piper chaba 48 g
  • Talis Patra Abies webbiana 48 g
  • Nagakeshara Mesua ferrea 24 g
  • Pippalimoola Long pepper root Piper longum 96 g
  • Tezpatra Cinnamomum tamala 6 g
  • Ela Cardamom Elettaria cardamomum 12 g
  • Dalchini Cinnamon Cinnamomum zeylanicum 12 g
  • Khus Vetiveria zizanioides 12 g
  • Guda Jaggery 1.44 kg

Uses of Pranda gutika

  • Piles (Bleeding and Non-bleeding)
  • Bronchitis, Respiratory problems
  • In suppression of digestion and metabolism
  • Constipation
  • Intermittent fever
  • Alcoholism

The Dosage of Pranda gutika

2-4 tablets twice a day, with warm water or take as prescribed by a doctor.

Diabetic people should not take this as it contains sugar and over dose can cause acidity.

You can buy this medicine online or from medical stores.

This medicine is manufactured by Baidyanath (Pranda Gutika), Sri Sri Ayurveda (Pranda Gutika) and many other Ayurvedic pharmacies.

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