Pradarnashak Churna for female health

Pradarnashak Churna ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of female health problems like Leucorrhoea, Uterine bleeding, uterine fibroids, Menopausal syndrome.

Pradarnashak Churna is an Ayurvedic medicine used to treat various gynecological disorders. The chief indications of this medicine are Pradar (Shwet pradar and Rakta pradar), fibroids, and uterine disorders. It is a combination of Pushyanug Churna with other beneficial ingredients such as Khun Kharaba, Ashok Bark, Raal, Sangajraahat, Geru Mitti, and Nagkeshar.

Pradar Nashak Churna is mild in qualities and also benefits in bleeding piles, bleeding diarrhea, and intestinal parasites. It gives strength to the uterus and improves the chances of pregnancy. Here is given more about this medicine, such as benefits, indication/therapeutic uses, composition, and dosage.

What is Pradar Rog?

Pradar means abnormal discharge from the vagina. It includes Shwet pradar and Rakta pradar.

  1. Shwet pradar is leucorrhoea or white discharge. Leucorrhoea is defined as a whitish or yellowish discharge of mucus from the vagina. It can be broadly divided into physiologic leucorrhea which occurs due to estrogen stimulation (in puberty, pregnancy) and inflammatory leucorrhea which occur due to certain infection. Leucorrhea that occurs due to infection should be treated using medicines.
  2. Rakta pradar means abnormal bleeding from the vagina and includes menorrhagia and metrorrhagia. Menorrhagia means abnormally heavy bleeding at menstruation and metrorrhagia is the term for abnormal bleeding from the uterus.

Other Details

  • Manufacturer: Shree Baidyanath Ayurveda Bhavan
  • Availability: Online and at medical stores
  • Type of medicine: Proprietary Medicine
  • Main Indication: Pradar
  • Suitable for: Females
  • Srotas / Channel: Reproductive organs
  • MRP/Price: Baidyanath Pradarnashak Churna 60g @ INR 88

Ingredients of Pradarnashak Churna

  1. Pushyanug Churna 5 part
  2. Khun Kharaba 1 part
  3. Ashok Bark 1 part
  4. Raal 1 part
  5. Sangajraahat 1 part
  6. Geru Mitti 1 part
  7. Nagkeshar 1 part

All the ingredients are powdered and mixed.

Know the Ingredients

1- Pushyanug Churna is a classical Ayurvedic medicinal powder used in the treatment of bleeding disorders. It is prepared under the ascendancy of the 8th lunar asterism called Pushya and should also be administered under the ascendancy of the same asterism.

Pushyanug Churna is indicated in Pradar, Piles, excessive bleeding during periods, diarrhea, and bleeding disorders.

Pushyanug Churna reduces excessive Pitta and heat inside the body. It helps in improving the chances of conception by strengthening and treating the abnormal discharges from the uterus.

2- Ashoka bark is a uterine tonic and gives relief in uterine spasms, dysmenorrhea, prolapse, miscarriage and irregular menstrual cycles. The bark has diuretic properties and indicated in scanty urine, calculus and also for other urinary disorders. Ashok works because it has a stimulatory effect on the ovarian tissue, and exhibit an estrogen-like activity that enhances ovulation and repair of the endometrium.

3- Nagkeshar (Synonyms: Mesua ferrea, Keshara, Nagapushpa, Naga, Hema, Gajakeshara) consists of dried stamens. It is hot in potency and given in the treatment of Vasti roga (Diseases of the urinary bladder) and bleeding disorders.

Ayurvedic Action / Karma

  1. Chakshushya: Good for the eyes
  2. Grabhashaya srava-nashak: Prevents uterus discharge.
  3. Grahi: Inspissants; stomachic, digestive, and heating qualities dry the fluids of the body
  4. Kaphahara: Pacifies Kapha Dosha
  5. Pittahara: Pacifies Pitta Dosha
  6. Raktstambhan: Controls bleeding.
  7. Varnya: cosmetic application for complexion
  8. Vran Ropan: Wound healing

Biomedical Action

  1. Anthelmintic: Expel parasitic worms (helminths) and other internal parasites from the body.
  2. Anti-inflammatory: Reducing inflammation by acting on body mechanisms.
  3. Antioxidant: Neutralize the oxidant effect of free radicals and other substances.
  4. Antispasmodic: Used to relieve spasm of involuntary muscle.
  5. Appetizer: Improves appetite.
  6. Depurative: Purifying agent.
  7. Digestive: Digestant.
  8. Uterine tonic: Tonic for female reproductive health.

Benefits of Pradarnashak Churna

  1. It is a tonic and astringent.
  2. It is a helpful remedy for female diseases.
  3. It gives relief in leucorrhoea & uterine disorders.

Important Therapeutic Uses of Pradarnashak Churna

  1. Bleeding disorders
  2. Excessive vaginal discharge
  3. Heavy menstrual bleeding
  4. Leucorrhea (white discharge) or Svetapradara, whitish or yellowish discharge of mucus from the vagina
  5. Menopausal syndrome
  6. Prolonged menstruation
  7. Uterine bleeding, uterine fibroids

The Dosage of Pradarnashak Churna

  1. The recommended dosage of medicine is 1gram to 3gram.
  2. It should be taken twice a day, in the morning and evening.
  3. It is to be taken with Honey and water in which rice is soaked.
  4. Or take as directed by a doctor.

Suggestions, Contraindications, Interactions, Side-effects, and Warnings

  1. It is completely safe to take this medicine in recommended doses.
  2. This medicine is not suitable for the long term used.
  3. It should be taken only when required like episodes of excessive discharge or abnormal bleeding.
  4. Effectivity of herbal medicine depends on many factors. A medicine suitable for one person may not essentially give the same result in another person.
  5. The exact dose depends on the age, strength, digestive power of the patient, the nature of the illness, the state of the viscera and humours, and the properties of individual drugs.
  6. Keep away from the sight and reach of children.

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