Prabanjanavimardanam Kuzhambu

Prabanjanavimardanam Kuzhambu is a renowned medicated oil for the treatment of disorders related to ‘viciated Vata’, which includes rheumatic ailments, neurological lesions and systemic disturbances. Paraplegia, numbness, pricking pain, Hydrocele, etc.are cured with this special oil.

An eminent drug of choice for the treatment of disorders related to arthritis and neurological lesions. Rheumatic ailments like stiff, painful and limited movements of joints are treated with regular use of this specific oil.  Paraplegia, numbness, pricking pain, Hydrocele, etc.have also found relieved with Prabanjanavimardhanam kuzhambu. Period post to paralytic attack is usually scheduled with physiotherapy and several other strengthening exercises to improve the tone of the muscles and nerves. Prabanjanavimardhanam is a specific oil of its kind which helps in regaining the lost tone of muscles through its regular application. A mild and thorough massage preceding the application of oil would remarkably enhance the results of this particular oil.

Indicated for paralysis, weakness of the body, numbness, gout

Key Ingredients

Thailam, Ghritham, Nimbatailam, Sarshapatailam, Bala, Sathavari, Sigru, Varuna, Arka, Karanja, Vajigandha, Prasarini, Prasarini, Varistha panchamula (each), Tagara, Amrakashta, Ela, Sunthi, Sarshapa, Choraka, Satahwa, Sindhuttha, Rasna, Kalanusarika, Vacha, Chitraka, Mamsi, Sarala, Katurohini, Dadhi, Kanchika, Ksheeram

Direction for use

For external use only.  As directed by the Physician.

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