Nisosiradi Thailam Uses, Ingredients & dosage

Nisosiradi Thailam is a polyherbal Ayurvedic medicated oil. The principle ingredients in this oil are Nisha/turmeric and Usheer/Vetiveria zizanioides. Nisosiradi oil is applied externally on carbuncles and abscesses (swollen area within the body tissue, containing an accumulation of pus.). Carbuncles are contagious red, swollen, and painful cluster of boils that are connected to each other under the skin. Carbuncle can spread from one body part to other or from one person to other by skin contact.

Here is given more about Nisosiradi Thailam such as indication/therapeutic uses, composition and direction for use.

Key Ingredients of Nisosiradi Thailam

Kalka (paste) dravya- Eladi gana dravya (group of medicinal herbs) each 6 grams

Sneha dravya (oil) – Tila/sesame oil 768 ml

Drava dravya (decoction) – Haldi/turmeric, Usheer, Bala

Nisosiradi Thailam is prepare with kalka, sneha and drava drayva.

Uses of Nisosiradi Thailam

This medicated oil is applied externally on severe abscess or multiple boil in the skin. It is useful in diabetic carbuncles, abscesses. It helps in faster healing of boils.

How to use Nisosiradi Thailam

This is for external use ONLY. Apply on the affected areas.

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