Medicinal use of Henna leaves (Mehendi)

Henna or Mehandi is very well known medicinal herb for its use as natural hair dye. The powder prepared from its dried leaves is known as henna or mehandi powder. This powder is mixed with water for colouring hairs and beautification of palms, feet.

Henna plant medicinal uses

There are numerous other medicinal uses of this plant. Its leaves has kapha and pitta alleviating properties. It is also useful in fever, burning sensation, skin and liver diseases. Its external application is useful in wounds, swellings and fungal infections.

Henna leaves have astringent and antibacterial properties and useful in washing wounds, boils and skin infections. Its decoction is useful in gargling to cure oral infections and mouth boils.

In folk medicine its bark, leaves are used for treating liver and spleen diseases.

Common name: Henna, Hina, Mehandi
Ayurvedic: Madayanti, Madayantikaa, Mendika, Ranjaka
Unani: Hinaa, Mehndi
Siddha/Tamil: Marithondi, Marudum

Here are some remedies of henna leaves

  • Boils

    Wash affected areas with henna decoction.

  • Bleeding diarrhoea

    Grind henna seeds and mix ghee. Prepare small pills. Take these pills twice a day.

  • Dysuria

    Prepare henna leaves (50 gm) cold infusion and add 1 gm Kalmishora and take twice a day.

  • Inflammation of spleen, Splenomegaly

    Mix henna bark powder (30 gm) and Nausadar powder (10 grams). Take this mixed powder (1 tsp) with henna leaves juice (3 ml) twice a day for two weeks.

  • Joint pain

    Grind henna leaves and castor leaves in equal amount, heat it and tie at affected joints. 

  • Kidney stone, calculi

    1. Take henna bark (10 gm) and boil in water (200 ml) at night. Next morning filter this water and drink. Repeat this for few days.
    2. Soak henna leaves and wood in a glass of water at night. Next morning, decant solution. Give Yava kshaar (2 gm) followed by the decanted solution. Repeat this treatment for a few days. It helps to expel kidney stone through urine.

  • Jaundice, liver problem

    Soak henna leaves (5 gm) in water (100 ml). Next morning mash the leaves and filter the solution. Drink this solution once a day for one weak.  

  • Pain due to fever

    Boil henna leaves (10 gm) 200 ml water and drink this infusion.

  • Mental disorder

    Take henna seeds (3 gm) mixed with honey.

  • Mouth ulcer, boils, oral inflammation

    Soak henna leaves (10 gm) in water (200 ml). Mash leaves and filter solution. Use this solution to gargle.

  • Sujak

    Take henna leaves (50 gm) and soak in water (500 ml) for night. Next morning filter the solution. Drink this solution (20 ml at a time) 3-4 times a day.

  • Headache due to heat, pitta

    Cook henna leaves (25 gm) in coconut oil (50 ml) till all water evaporates and only oil is left. Apply this oil on scalp.
    Or extract juice of henna flowers (5 gm) and mix honey (7 ml) and drink.

  • Skin diseases, leprosy

    1. Extract flower and leaves juice of henna. Take this juice half teaspoonful twice a day.
    2. Boil bark of henna (100 gm) in water (200 ml). Cook till water reduces to 50 ml. Filter this and drink twice a day.
    3. Soak henna leaves (75 gm) in water at night. Next morning mash the leaves and filter the solution and drink twice a day.

  • Spermatorrhoea or semen loss

    Extract henna leaves juice s(5-10 ml), add water and misri. Take twice a day.

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