Medicinal use of Bharangi

Clerodendrum serratum(bharangi) herb medicinal uses to treat many diseases like Liver problem,Asthma, bronchitis, For eye problems and many more.

Bharngi (Clerodendrum serratum) is woody medicinal shrub which is native to tropical and warm temperate regions and found throughout India up to an altitude of 1500m. In Sanskrit meaning of Bharangee is glorious. Its tree has height of about 2 to 8 feet. Its root, stem and leaves are use for medicinal purpose. Bharangee plant has anti-oxidant, anti-microbial, anti-asthmatic, anti-tumor activities. It Pacifies vata and kapha, promotes pitta.

bharangi medicinal usage

In Ayurveda Bharangee is indicated for respiratory problems and used in preparation of various Ayurvedic drugs for curing the same. It has pungent, astringent in taste and hot in potency. It is useful in cough, breathlessness, wound, swelling, the liver problems and neurological disorders. The decoction prepared from its leaves has bronchodilator activities.

Bharangi is not a toxic plant. Its leaves and flowers can be eaten in the form of vegetable. These leaves improve appetite and has expectorant activity. Its roots have the liver protecting, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory activities. In some part of India its root is used to treat Jaundice.

General Information

  1. Latin: Clerodendrum serratum (Linn.) Synonym: Rotheca serrata
  2. Family: Verbenaceae
  3. Sanskrit: Angaravalli, Padma, Brahmanayashtika, Barbura, Bhrguja
  4. Hindi: Bharangi, Bharngi
  5. English: Blue glory, Beetle killer
  6. Bengali: Bamunhatee, Bamanhatee, Bhuijam
  7. Gujarati: Bharangee
  8. Kannada: Gantubarangee
  9. Malayalam: Cheruthekku
  10. Marathi: Bharangee, Bharang
  11. Oriya: Chinds
  12. Punjabi: Bhadangee
  13. Tamil: Cheruteku
  14. Telugu: Ganttubrarangee
  15. Urdu: Bharangi, Baharangi

Medicinal uses of Bharngi

Here are few remedies that can be done at home using Bharngi (Clerodendrum serratum)  to cure various ailments. These are based on its traditional use all across country

  • Asthma, bronchitis

    Prepare decoction of its root and drink twice a day for three days to get relief from cough, asthma and bronchitis.

  • Liver problem

    Prepare decoction of its root (1/2 teaspoon) and drink twice a day for three days to cure the liver problems.

  • Tuberculosis

    Prepare decoction of Bharangi panchang (all five part of the plant) and take twice a day.

  • Headache, migraine

    Grind roots of Bharangi and apply on forehead for a few hours. This gives relief in headache.

  • For eye problems

    Grind leaves of Bharangi and make poultice. Apply this poultice on eyes.

  • Thyroid problem, galgand rog (Mumps), goitre

    Wash and dry roots of Bharangi. Grind to make powder. Take thus prepared churna (3 gm) with Trikatu churna (3 gm) twice a day with lukewarm powder.

  • Cyst, fibroid in uterus, raktagulm

    Prepare decoction of Bharangi panchang (3gm), add few drops of mustard oil in water. Take twice a day.

  • Food poisoning, Stomach infections, hiccups

    Prepare decoction of Bharangi panchang and take twice a day.

  • Skin diseases, boils, herpes

    Apply Bharangi leaves juice on the affected areas.
    Drink decoction of its Bharangi panchang. This helps to purify blood impurities.

  • Muscular pain, muscular problem in kids

    For treating pain in muscles Prepare homemade oil using Bharangi leaves. Take Bharangi leaves juice (800 ml) and cook on low flame. Add mustard oil (200 ml) mustard oil and cook at low flame till all water evaporates. Use this oil for massaging. You can prepare this oil in fewer amounts by using juice and oil in ratio 4:1.

  • Stomach problems

    Prepare powder of its seed and take frequently in small doses.

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