Medicinal Use Of Apple Or Pyrus Malus

Apple or Seb(Hindi) is very nutritious and full of fiber, vitamins and minerals. One medium size apple gives 17% of daily required fiber and 14 % of daily required vitamin C . Apple is rich in anti oxidant and help to regulate blood sugar level.

It is very good for the digestive system, lever, heart, intestine and help to boost immunity.


Take leaves and bark of apple tree(5-7 gm) and boil in water. Filter and drink. This helps to cure fever due to any reason. For fever due to cold you can add tulsi leaves(2-4), black pepper(2-4) and dry ginger powder in apple decoction.

Colitis, diarrhea and digestive system related problem:

Take dry apple and bark of apple tree(5 gm) and boil in 400 ml water till water reduces to 100 ml. Then filter and drink. This helps to cure colitis, irritation in intestine and other digestive system related problem.

Scorpion sting:

  • Boil apple leaves(10 gm) in water(400 ml). When water reduces to 100 ml, filter, add sendha namak and drink. This gives relief from pain due to scorpion sting.
  • Redness, swelling or infection in eyes:

  • Take unripe apple, roast in fire and when at normal temperature apply on eyes.
  • Anemia:

  • Daily eat apple or drink apple juice to improve hemoglobin level and cure weakness.
  • Cough:

  • In apple juice add misri, black pepper and drink for a few days.
  • loose motion:

  • In apple juice add dry ginger powder and drink.
  • Acidity And Indigestion:

  • Mix apple juice with bottle gourd juice. Drink this juice empty stomach in morning.
  • Nausea and vomiting:

  • In apple juice add misri and sendha namak and drink to cure vomiting.

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