Madhusnuhi Rasayanam

Madhusnuhi Rasayanam is an Ayurvedic medicine. In Ayurvedic medicines, Rasayanam is a semi-solid preparation which is prepared with addition of jaggery, sugar, honey or sugar-candy and boiled with prescribed herb juice or decoction. They are also known as Modaka, Guda, Khanda, Avaleha or Leyham, etc. This medicine is useful in the treatment of diabetes, tumor, fistula, ulcers, skin Diseases, etc.

Madhusnuhi Rasayanam is also used as Rasayana that nourishes the body and mind. It has adaptogenic, neuro-immuno-endocrino modulating properties. It is prepared from thirty-two ingredients which includes Triphala, Trikatu, Trijaat, Jatiphal, honey, ghee, misri, etc.

Key Ingredients of Madhusnuhi Rasayanam

Madhusnuhi Rasayana is a semisolid Avaleha preparation made with the ingredients in the Formulation composition given below.

Formulation Composition:

  • Shunthi सोंठ Zingiber officinale Rz. 6 g
  • Marica काली मिर्च Piper nigrum Fr. 6 g
  • Pippali पिप्पली Piper longum Fr. 6 g
  • Haritaki हरीतकी Terminalia chebula P. 6 g
  • Bibhitaka विभितकी Terminalia belerica P. 6 g
  • Amalki अमलकी Emblica officinalis P. 6 g
  • Tvak दालचीनी Cinnamomum zeylanicum St. Bk. 6 g
  • Ela इलाइची (Sukshmaila) Elettaria cardamomum Sd. 6 g
  • Patra तेजपत्ता (TejaPatra तेजपत्ता) Cinnamomum zeylanicum Lf. 6 g
  • Jatiphala जायफल Myristica fragrans Sd. 6 g
  • Jatipatri जावित्री (Jatiphala) Myristica fragrans Ar. 6 g
  • Agni चित्रक (Citraka) Plumbago zeylanica Rt. 6 g
  • Varala (Lavanga लवंग) Syzigium aromaticum Fl. Bd. 6 g
  • Dhanyaka धनिया Coriandrum sativum Fr. 6 g
  • Shveta Jiraka श्वेत जीरा Cuminum cyminum Fr. 6 g
  • Krishna Jiraka कृष्ण जीरक Carum carvi Fr. 6 g
  • Vidanga विडंग Embelia ribes Fr. 6 g
  • Cavya चव्य Piper chaba St. 6 g
  • Kushtha कूठ Saussuera lappa Rt. 6 g
  • Trivrita त्रिवृत (Trivrit) Ipomoea turpethum Rt. 6 g
  • Granthika (Pippali पिप्पलीमूल) Piper longum Rt. 6 g
  • Vajigandhika (Ashvagandha अश्वगंधा) Withania somnifera Rt. 6 g
  • Bharngi भारंगी Clerodendrum serratum Rt. 6 g
  • Tejovati-Bija Zanthoxylum alatum Sd. 6 g
  • Keshara (Nagakeshara नागकेशर) Mesua ferrea Stmn. 6 g
  • Shuddha Gandha शुद्ध गंधक (Gandhaka) Sulphur 192 g
  • Mahishaksha Guggulu-Shodhita Commiphora wightii O. R. 192 g
  • Madhusnuhi Smilax china Rt. Tr. 192 g
  • Ghrita घी (Goghrita गो-घृत) Clarified butter from cow’s milk 576 g
  • Sita Sugar चीनी candy 576 g
  • Madhu शहद Honey 768 g

Lf.=Leaf;P.=Pericarp;Rt.=Root;Fr.=Fruit;Rz.=Rhizome;Sd.= Seeds;St.=Stem;St. Bk.= Stem Bark;Fl. Bd.=Flower Bud.

Method of Preparation

Take raw materials of pharmacopoeial quality. Clean, dry the ingredients number 1 to 26 and 29 (Prakshepa Dravya) of the formulation composition, powder separately and pass through sieve number 85.

Treat Guggulu to prepare Shodhita Guggulu (Appendix Treat Gandhaka to prepare Shodhita Guggulu. Powder Shuddha Gandha and pass through sieve number 120. Add two times water to the Sugar in a stainless steel vessel and heat, maintaining the temperature between 800 and 900. After the Sugar चीनी dissolves, filter the hot syrup through a muslin cloth.

Heat the filtered syrup mildly to make two thread Sugar चीनी syrup. Stop heating and allow to cool to 600. Add warm Ghrita and mix well. Add Shodhita Guggulu, followed by fine powders of ingredients number 1 to 26 and 29, followed by Shuddha Gandhaka. Mix thoroughly each time to prepare a homogeneous blend.

Allow to cool it to room temperature and add Madhu. Pack in a tightly closed container to protect from light and moisture.

DescriptionSolid, brown, sweet semisolid with smell characteristic of coconut.

Storage Store in a cool place in a tightly closed container, protect from light and moisture.

Uses of Madhusnuhi Rasayanam

This medicine shows good results in persistent wounds, skin diseases, ulcerated wounds, itches, scabies, and visarp.

Madhusnuhi Rasayan has the following benefits:

  • It improves digestion and assimilation.
  • It cures skin diseases and wounds.
  • It is effective in diabetes, gonorrhea, syphilis, and vaginal diseases.
  • It nourishes the whole body.
  • This medicine is indicated in the following conditions:
  • All chronic skin diseases, vitiligo, leucoderma, itching, non-healings
  • Syphilis, gonorrhea, trichomonas vaginitis, ulcers, scabies
  • Fistula-in-ano, piles, genital ulcer
  • Diabetic carbuncle
  • Tumour, lump
  • Gout, rheumatism, similar condition
  • Cervical lymphadenitis

The Dosage of Madhusnuhi Rasayanam

5 to 10 gms twice daily twice along with boiled and cooled milk. Pathyas to be strictly followed, as per Physician’s advice.

Where to buy

You can buy this medicine online or from medical stores.

This medicine is manufactured by Vaidyaratnam Oushadhasala, Arya Vaidya Pharmacy AVP, Arya Vaidya Sala and some other pharmacies.

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  1. Can i use this to treat thyroid and pcod?

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