Limiron Granules For Anaemia

Limiron is chocolate flavoured granules for drink, it is rich in Calcium, Iron & micro nutrients having anabolic properties. It is very good Ayurvedic tonic for anemia.

Limiron Granules Key Ingredients

Bhui Kohala( Ipomoea mauritiana): The natures energiser, promotes vitality strength and digestive powers. The giant potato is a type of morning glory plant. Like the sweet potato, it belongs to the Ipomoea genus. It grows as a vine.
Shatavari(Asparagus racemosus): A nature’s anabolic to build up tissue strength.
Kukkutand Twak: Hen’s egg shell powder. A rich source of calcium and micro-Bhasmanutrients having anabolic properties.
Mandoor Bhasma: Provides micro-refined Iron-complex which builds up body resistance, improves strength.

Each 5g Contains

  • Kukkutandatwak Bhamsa (Generic Preparation) 250mg
  • Mandoor Bhamsa (Processed Ferrioxidum) 100mg
  • Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) 100mg
  • Buikohala (Ipomoea digitata) 100mg
  • Sugar Q.S.
  • Permited flavour added

Benefits of Limiron

Enriched with Iron and micro-nutrients for generating rich red blood, body resistance & muscular strength. Promotes vitality & strength, Improves digestic powers, overcomes debility. Natural anabolic which replenishes strength. Provides natural calcium for building strong bones & teeth. Induces GROWTH.

Indications of Limiron

A tonic for growing children, pregnant & nursing mothers, fatigued & exhausted individuals, during convalescence- for fast recovery, after operations, Calcium & Iron deficiency states, for healthy bones and rich blood.


Children:1/2 teaspoonful twice daily. Adults:1 teaspoonful twice daily.

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