Amla Murabba Health benefits

Amla Murabba is a sweet herbal preparation of amla. It is also known as Murabba-e-Amla in Unani. It is prepared by processing fresh amla in sugar. The processing of amla in sugar helps to preserve it for longer duration and also makes them more appetising.

amla murabba

In Ayurveda Amla fruits are referred as Rasayana. Amla is one of the natural richest source of vitamin C. Along with it, Amla also contains minerals, polyphenols, iron, protein, carbohydrate, and fiber. It is cool in potency and cures burning sensation, hyperacidity and pitta related digestive problems.

There are several health benefits of eating amla murabba. Amla murabba is useful in constipation, piles, physical weakness, mental weakness, poor eyesight, poor memory, nasal bleeding, hair problems, and during pregnancy.

You can prepare amla murabba at home or buy it from market.

Health benefits of Amla Murabba

Amla is a rasayana or tonic that improves overall health. It improves immunity to fight infectious diseases. Regular intake of amla in any form helps to rejuvenate body and gives longevity. There are several health benefits of eating Amla murabba. .

  • It is useful in physical and mental weakness. It is a brain tonic that improves memory and eye sight.
  • It is also a good remedy for nose bleeding or frequent nakseer problem.
  • It is a cardiac stimulant.
  • It promotes good digestion and cures constipation. This preparation balances acidity of stomach and gives relief from acidity problems.
  • It strengthens digestive system and promotes good assimilation of nutrients in body.
  • It supports and strengthens liver.
  • It supports heart and blood circulation.
  • It supports lungs and respiratory system. The regular intake helps to protect body from recurrent cold and cough.
  • It is good for reproductive system and improves fertility.
  • Amla murabba should be eaten throughout the pregnancy for better health of mother and baby. This will also strengthen hairs and prevents hair fall that occur due to hormone change.
  • In situation of threatened abortion, mother to be should eat murabba, throughout the pregnancy.
  • Amla murabba is recommended for person suffering from peptic ulcer due to its anti-ulcer properties.
  • Amla murabba is antioxidant that prevent free radical damage of cells.

How to use Amla Murabba

Amla murabba is tonic for brain, heart, liver, digestive and reproductive system. Amla murabba can be taken in dose of 15-20 grams (1-2 pieces).

What is the best time to eat amla ka murabba?

You can eat daily it before breakfast with a glass of milk or two times a day after meals.

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