Leucorrhea(Pradar) Home remedies

Leukorrhea(Pradar) is a health condition in which a thick whitish or yellowish discharge comes from vagina. There may be many reasons for this condition like hormonal imbalance, infections or STD. This condition and disappear or re-appear automatically.

This condition may lead to very serious health problems if not treated properly.

Here are some natural home remedies for treating shwet pradar:

  • Soak white and black sesame(til) in water in night. Drink it in morning after filtering it.
  • Make kwath(kadha) of ashok chhal in milk and water and drink it for a period of time. This will cure pradara.
  • Take1 spoon swagandha with sweet milk.
  • Extract juice of doob ghas. Add white chandan and refined sugar to it. Take this mixture twice daily.
  • For relief from pradar, drink neem oil adding in milk.
  • Eat 3 drop bargad tree milk with batasa twice daily.
  • Take 5 gm gular fruit powder and 5 gm sugar twice daily.
  • Drink mehndi kada
  • Take 2-3 spoon powder of jamun tree bark with goat milk. This will treat all kind of pradar.
  • Eat milk and bana kheer twice daily, it will cure pradar.
  • Dink mixture of 10 anar leaves and 5 black pepper, twice daily.
  • take 3 gm amla powder and 6 gm honey for at least 15 days.

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