Kustharakshas Taila for skin diseases

Kustharakshas Taila is herbominal Ayurvedic medicated oil. This oil is applied topically on skin diseases. In kustha/leprosy, eczema, and other skin diseases, Kustharakshas Taila external use and oral administration of Kaishore guggulu or Amritadi Guggulu and Khadirarishtha cures the skin diseases.

key Ingredients of Kustharakshas Taila

Parad, gandhaka, kusth, saptaparna, chitrak,sindur, Lahsun, Hartaal, Bavachi, Amaltas, Tamra bhasma, Manahsila, Katu taila

Uses of Kustharakshas Taila

  1. Kustha /leprosy
  2. Audumbar kustha
  3. vata rakta/gout
  4. svitra/leucoderma
  5. Bhagandar/fissure in ano
  6. Pama/scabies
  7. Eczema, itching, skin diseases

How to use Kustharakshas Taila

Apply externally, few times a day on the affected skin areas.

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