Giloy juice Benefits

Amazing helth benifits of Giloy(Tinospora cordifolia) juice and uses information.

Giloy juice is extracted from stem of the plant Tinospora cordifolia. Tinospora cordifolia is also known as Amrita due to its immense medicinal properties. It belongs to family Menispermaceae. In Ayurveda, the use of giloe is mentioned for the treatment of fevers, diabetes, indigestion, jaundice, urinary problems, skin diseases and chronic diarrhea and dysentery.

Giloy juice Medicinal uses

Giloy juice is tridoshnasak, Rasayana which improves body immunity to fight infection. It has antipyretic, antioxidant, anticancer and anti-diabetic, immuno-modulatory and adaptogenic properties. It builds strong body immunity and thus cures infection. In a clinical studies it is shown, mixture of Giloy herb and Tulsi leaves increases body resistance up to 3 times and serves as a powerful counter for bacterial and virus attacks. It is good for the liver, protects it from damage due to bacterial infections and cures juindice. It stimulates bile secretions and helps in better digestion. Giloy juice is a tonic that cures anemia, jaundice, and fever.

Other common names of Giloe: Amrita (Sanskrit), Heart leaf moonseed (English), Gulvel (Marathi), Gulancha (Bengali) Amrutha balli (Kannada), Galac (Gujarati), Thippateega (Telugu), Amrita, Gilo (Kashmiri), Chittamrutu (Malayalam), Guluchi (Oriya), Gilo (Punjabi), Seendal, Seendil Kodi (Tamil), Siddhilata, Amarlata (Assamese)

The taste of giloy juice is bitter and astringent. For treating vata disorders, giloy juice is taken with ghee, for Pitta disorders with misri and for kapha with honey.

Giloy juice can be taken in dosage of 15- 30 ml with an equal quantity of water. In the case of fever, the juice can be taken twice a day for a month.

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