Know why walnuts are good for healthy body

Walnut is most commonly eaten nut, only second to almonds. These are the edible seed kernels of tree Juglans regia belonging to family Juglandacea.

akharot health benefits

This tree is native to region expanding from the Balkans eastward to the western Himalaya. Now it is cultivated commercially throughout southern Europe, northern Africa, eastern Asia, the USA and western South America.

Common names in India

Hindi: Akhrot;Sanskrit: Akschota;Siddha: Akrottu;Tamil: Akrottu, Akroot kai;Telgu: Nattua Krot Vitthu, Akroot kaya;Guajarati: Akrot, Akharot;Bengali: Akrot, Bosnian;Urdu: Akhhroot;Kannada: Acrota;Malayalam: Akrothandi, Buah keras;Marathi: Akrod; Oriya: Akhoot

Health benefits of walnuts

Very nutritious

Walnut are nutrition dense dry fruits. These contain protein (4.5%), fat (64.5%), minerals (1.8%), calcium (0.1 percent) and carbohydrates (11%). Regular intake of walnuts improves strength and immunity in each age group. In growing kids and older people, oral intake is especially helpful in maintaining health, brain power and immunity.

Good for brain

Walnuts are highly nutritive and considered as brain nut. They are shaped like brain and improves memory and brain power.

Walnuts contains many phytochemicals, high amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids, neuroprotective compounds that improves brain functioning. The daily consumption improves memory. Walnuts are also helpful in age related memory problems and Alzheimer’s disease.

Prevents many diseases

Walnuts contain protein, vitamin, minerals, and several other phytochemicals which makes them nutritive, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Due to which these are excellent in reducing risk of ageing diseases. They are also good source of flavonoids, sterols, pectic phenolic acids and related polyphenols. Walnuts are good antioxidant that prevent free radical damage and thus prevents many diseases.

Good for heart

Walnuts have high amount of heart-healthy omega-6 and omega-3 PUFA. These are essential dietary fatty acids that are helpful in preventing heart diseases. Walnut lowers cholesterol, reduces inflammation, and improves arterial function.

Anti-cancer effect

Walnuts contains several phytochemicals that are anti-oxidants and reduces the risk of many cancers such as colon, breast and prostate cancer.

Cures constipation

Walnuts are very rich in dietary fiber. This helps to cure constipation.

Gives Sound sleep

Walnuts contain Melatonin. Melatonin is a messaging molecule of nervous system, with hormone-like in its regulatory properties. It is responsible for good sleep. Its concentration increases in blood when walnuts are eaten which helps in inducing good sleep.

Nutritional value of Walnuts

PrincipleValue per 100 g
Folates98 mcg
Niacin1.125 mg
Pantothenic acido.570 mg
Riboflavin0.150 mg
Thiamin0.541 mg
Vitamin A20 IU
Vitamin C1.3 mg
Vitamin E-y20.83 mg
Vitamin K207 mcg
Potassium441 mg
Phosphorus346 mg
Calcium98 mg
Magnesium158 mg
Sodium2 mg
Iron2.9 mg
Copper1.5 mg
Manganese3.8 mg
Zinc3.09 mg
Aluminium0.58 mg

Walnuts are also beneficial in improving fertility, sperm count, and eye sight. You can eat a handful of walnuts daily to get its nutritional health benefits. 5-10 grams of walnuts can be boiled in glass of milk for ten minutes, then added with sugar or honey. When taken before going to bed it cures constipation and induces good sleep. Since walnuts contain moderate amount of oxalate. So people suffering from oxalate kidney stones should eat them in moderation.

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